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New fleeces posted

For those who may be interested, we have completed skirting the fleeces and I posted the pictures and prices. Click on the Fleeces 2012 tab above or click here: https://woolyacres.wordpress.com/fleece2011/fleece2012/ Advertisements

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Shearing time at WoolyAcres!

It’s that time of year again when we need to shear just prior to lambing. We brought in a new shearer this year who was just fantastic and very quick, Emily Chamelin of Chamelin Shearing.

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Meet the Flock: Brianna AND a very wooly Christmas!

I have to show off what I got for Christmas! My loving mother has done it again with a huge, heavy, lovely throw that she hand spun and knit from the fleece of Brianna:   The project used exactly one … Continue reading

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New coats for Christmas!

Today I thought, “Hey, what a beautiful day, lets go wrassle some sheep!”   Well actually, Dave didn’t have to work and it wasn’t pouring rain, so it was time to change some of the sheeps’ coats.  Snowing and 21° just … Continue reading

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A sheep in the henhouse?

(reposted from an article I wrote for Chickens on Camera) A sheep in the henhouse may evoke images akin to a bull in a china shop! No, you shouldn’t keep a sheep in the chicken coop. But what about the … Continue reading

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Wooly Wear part 2

Here are a few more items made by my mom from wool for our family! (Photo: We each got one of these hats and they were very woogy [warm and comfy]. This is from when we had natural colored sheep) … Continue reading

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**Wonderful Wooly Wear**

The first thing people always ask me after finding out that I raise sheep with such great quality wool is, “so you spin and weave it?”  Lamely, I always answer, “No, but I wear it!” The truth of it is … Continue reading

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