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Autumn Peeps

I usually get peeps in the spring, but because our egg laying was way down I decided to try sooner with some fall peeps. They should be ready to lay in the spring. I got 4 each of 4 breeds … Continue reading

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Spring Peeps

Here is this spring’s batch of cuties.  I have given up my dreams of reproducing my pure flock of White Orpingtons. Since I can only hatch out roosters it seems, I was forced to go elsewhere. So I have added … Continue reading

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Peeps’ Progress

Remember my little peeps that I had to evacuate from our house during that freak halloween snow storm? We lost our power and my guys were only a week old and had to have a heat lamp.

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Hatching update

Time for an eggsciting egg update! At the beginning of the month I put a batch of eggs in the incubator. They have been swaying gently back and forth for several weeks now.

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In a Land of Giants

It is becoming very obvious with time that we have a very small guy in the bunch. I hatched a few eggs for a friend from her Araucana (green-egg layers). The eggs were actually larger than mine. But the one … Continue reading

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Spring Blessings!

Our peeps have arrived! There is nothing on the planet as cute as the little ball of peeping fuzz that comes from an egg.

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