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VIdeo of the Bottle Babies

Here is a short video of me feeding the two little cuties, Heather and Cocoa. Advertisements

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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

We have this bizarre phenomenon going on at Wooly Acres right now.  I have never seen it before and it reminds me of the movie in the title.

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Remembering my bottle baby

My mother put together this fantastic animation of Colin as a bottle-baby and my daughter, Cassie, from 3 ½ years ago.

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The Lamb

Thanks to Glory Lennon for sharing this with me. What a beautiful poem!

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Shepherd’s Pie

One thing we often have plenty of in the freezer is ground lamb, or lamburger.  It can usually be substituted into a hamburger dish. So I eagerly seek out recipes in which we can use our lamb.

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Sheep and the Bible: the rest of the story

Sheep have got to be the most frequently mentioned animal in the Bible.  They are spoken of literally and figuratively, along with lambs, wool and shepherds.  I thought it would be fun, since I like both sheep and the Bible, … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

I’m sure that you are burning with curiosity to know how we come up with names for our sheep.  This post should relieve those anxious thoughts.  🙂 First, some history.  We originally just named them in groups that came together.  … Continue reading

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Meet the Flock: Colin

Colin holds a very special place in my heart.  He and his twin sister Coleen were from Brianna’s first lambing in 2008.  He was born first, followed very quickly by his sister.  Apparently mom didn’t notice that two babies had … Continue reading

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Welcome to WoolyAcres!

WoolyAcres is our small farm here in south central PA where we raise and breed Corriedale sheep.  Other occupants include a flock of White Orpington chickens and two nine Nubian cross goats. We raise our sheep for wool and meat, … Continue reading

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