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Comparing eggs

I’ve done a comparison before between store-bought and pastured chicken eggs on this blog. But I wanted to show a size comparison and how lovely White Orpington eggs are. Breakfast: Advertisements

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Egg Freshness 101

Hey, it’s snowing out!  My chickens are experiencing their first snow.  All except my broody hen from the previous entry– she’s still in the coop, busy making a new nest <sigh>. Today’s topic may be basic for many but I … Continue reading

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One day she’ll make a great mother!

On November 19, about 3 weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that one of my hens did not come home to roost that evening.  I do a head count when I lock up the coop at night. A missing chicken … Continue reading

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What Will A Dozen Eggs Buy?

(reposted from an article I wrote on Chickens on Camera) Several years ago we had a pretty good egg business going; we sold between ten and twenty dozen per week. In addition I maintained a lengthy waiting list. It seemed … Continue reading

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