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Guest Post: Our Fearless Chicken Farmer #2

We have finally settled in as chicken farmers.  Our little ladies are now quite spoiled.  They get scratch in the morning as soon as they are all out of the coop.  The get greens (kudzu) sometime in the afternoon when … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dan (part 4)

Week 4 – Has It Really Been a Month? I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to get this chicken coop up and running.  Well at my age I’m lucky to remember what it is I’m attempting to accomplish. … Continue reading

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Egg Freshness 101

Hey, it’s snowing out!  My chickens are experiencing their first snow.  All except my broody hen from the previous entry– she’s still in the coop, busy making a new nest <sigh>. Today’s topic may be basic for many but I … Continue reading

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One day she’ll make a great mother!

On November 19, about 3 weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that one of my hens did not come home to roost that evening.  I do a head count when I lock up the coop at night. A missing chicken … Continue reading

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A sheep in the henhouse?

(reposted from an article I wrote for Chickens on Camera) A sheep in the henhouse may evoke images akin to a bull in a china shop! No, you shouldn’t keep a sheep in the chicken coop. But what about the … Continue reading

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Mysteries of the Universe

As we approach this Christmas season I ponder many deep things… like the nature of faith and the blessings of family.  But sometimes I ponder the shallow things too, like “why does this happen on my farm?” Here are a … Continue reading

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What Will A Dozen Eggs Buy?

(reposted from an article I wrote on Chickens on Camera) Several years ago we had a pretty good egg business going; we sold between ten and twenty dozen per week. In addition I maintained a lengthy waiting list. It seemed … Continue reading

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Meet the (other) flock: White Orpingtons

Usually I pick my flock of chickens based on color.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, that sort of thing.  For some reason, this time I wanted white.  Sounds boring I know, but I thought some … Continue reading

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Welcome to WoolyAcres!

WoolyAcres is our small farm here in south central PA where we raise and breed Corriedale sheep.  Other occupants include a flock of White Orpington chickens and two nine Nubian cross goats. We raise our sheep for wool and meat, … Continue reading

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