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Losing Weight part 2

I wanted to do an update on my weight-loss journey–and it’s been a long journey–about 2 years now. I’m close to my final goal. I’ve lost about another 60 lbs since my last post, for a total of -117 lbs. … Continue reading

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Losing Weight

I don’t normally overshare  like this…but I wanted to celebrate a milestone that is a big deal for me. I have lost 60 lbs this year! I started February 1, 2015, so it has been exactly 9 months (Seems like … Continue reading

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2013 Fleeces are posted

Look what we did today! Some of the fleece’s are posted. Click on the “Fleece” tab above or click here

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Baby album…

Here are some images of recent babies from the past month….mostly the bottle babies. Cutie pies all of them! 🙂 Heather

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Dedicated to Daphne

Daphne died today from pregnancy toxemia.

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I looked through my window and saw a pair of one-legged bowling balls on the front porch! It’s the first snow of the season and the first ever seen by these Red Stars! They have their heads pulled in tight … Continue reading

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Toffee Triples!

The first year she singled, the second she twinned and this, the third year, Toffee has tripled! Wonder what’s in store for next year :-).   She had 3 females today (YAY!) And their names are Wynken, Blynken and Nod. They … Continue reading

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It’s Just Not Possible…Chicken betrayal!

Well, it would appear that I have egg on my face. My prediction was scrambled, my confidence cracked and my reputation fried. I had made a prediction about the gender of my peeps when they were a day old: 4 … Continue reading

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Freak Snowstorm

We got hit with a very unseasonable snowstorm yesterday. Our power, internet, phone etc all went out at noon and at this writing have not come back on (27 hours). We officially got 10 inches of snow, but it is … Continue reading

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Remembering Bleau…

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