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When all else fails…carrots.

If you follow my blog with any regularity, you may have noticed a total dearth of posts about my garden this year. It has not gone well for a variety of reasons. But my one bright spot has been the … Continue reading

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Useful Plant: Pokeweed

Ok, so this plant has very limited uses for humans, but it has a few. I discovered this beautiful pokeweed plant growing in the corner of the pasture where it was apparently able to dodge the tractor mowing!

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Dave and the Pickle Tree

Doesn’t everyone else pick cucumbers from their trees?

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Useful Plant: Comfrey (and making comfrey salve)

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a new plant to our small farm, but I think it is a fantastic addition.

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Mid-summer Harvest

Here is what we picked from the garden today:

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Garden Diary: Sweet Corn Update

I don’t know where “knee-high by the fourth of July” came from, but we are about eight feet by the tenth of July!

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Tomato Troubles

This post follows a discussion on Facebook about some ‘mater problems. I wanted to show some pics to go with the descriptions. All input is welcome!

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Garden Diary: What’s Bloomin’

It has been hot as the blazes this week. It was 97° for the last two days and we just touched 90° today.  I wilted but the flowers seemed to do okay.

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Useful Plant: Milkweed

After tearing out any milkweed plants I could find last year, my auntie Trish told me they had some value to them for eating. I had thought they were poisonous, so decided to check it out. I let a few … Continue reading

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Our Hugelkulture/Raised Bed Garden

Here is an overview of our new garden that followed the idea of a hugelkultur.

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