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Funny egg!

♪♫  One of these things is not like the other ♪♫ Advertisements

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Rainbow Eggs

I just wanted to show you the variety of colors available in chicken eggs. I also have confirmed the Ameraucana identification of our new girls by the green egg!

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Spring Eggs

So what do you do on a dreary, rainy, cold February day? Why you make happy, cheerful Spring Eggs of course!

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Guest Post: Dan (part 2)

A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage It’s hard to believe a Presidential candidate actually promised that to everyone if he was elected. I don’t want a chicken in every pot, just one in mine. We … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Dan

I Hate Chicken After spending 20 years in the Navy and learning to absolutely hate chicken here I am getting ready to venture into the chicken and egg business. The Navy cooks were notorious for deep frying

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Got a new toy: Incubator fun!

  I have incubated eggs before but one of the BIG hassles is turning the eggs four times a day. So I decided to splurge and get an automatic egg turner for my ‘bator.

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Cooking Tip: Basting Eggs

I am probably one of the last people anyone should look to for advice on cooking, but when I hear about something that works I want to pass it on! This particular nugget was from Man Vs. Food– a favorite … Continue reading

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Free-range pastured v. store-bought eggs

I just wanted to do a quick demonstration between the free-range pastured eggs on our farm and eggs from the local supermarket.  

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Egg Freshness 101

Hey, it’s snowing out!  My chickens are experiencing their first snow.  All except my broody hen from the previous entry– she’s still in the coop, busy making a new nest <sigh>. Today’s topic may be basic for many but I … Continue reading

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