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Autumn Peeps

I usually get peeps in the spring, but because our egg laying was way down I decided to try sooner with some fall peeps. They should be ready to lay in the spring. I got 4 each of 4 breeds … Continue reading

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I looked through my window and saw a pair of one-legged bowling balls on the front porch! It’s the first snow of the season and the first ever seen by these Red Stars! They have their heads pulled in tight … Continue reading

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Chicken Makeover

I just wanted to do a quick ‘before and after’ of the new gals that arrived at our house in September.  This is about Maude. She was the worst of the bunch.

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Double Take

I thought I was seeing double when I found this in the hay…

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Chickens and Comfrey

I walked outside today and saw a bunch of chickens around this apple tree in the circle of the comfrey. I don’t know what the interest was, they weren’t eating the comfrey. Just kind of cute. 🙂

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Rainbow Eggs

I just wanted to show you the variety of colors available in chicken eggs. I also have confirmed the Ameraucana identification of our new girls by the green egg!

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Mealworm Condo

I have moved my mealworm population into its own condo, or maybe townhouse is a better word. 🙂

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Some New Friends Come to Wooly Acres

A friend of a customer was desperately searching for a home for her chickens before she moves. She doesn’t know the breed or the age. Sure…bring them on over!

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Guest Post: Chicken Farmer Summer 2012 Update

We still have 6 hens and 1 mean old rooster.  They are still laying strong at 4-6 eggs a day.  As soon as one of our friends decides to cull their flock the rooster is going.  We can’t even go … Continue reading

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Spring Peeps

Here is this spring’s batch of cuties.  I have given up my dreams of reproducing my pure flock of White Orpingtons. Since I can only hatch out roosters it seems, I was forced to go elsewhere. So I have added … Continue reading

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