Articles about Sheep and Chickens

These are some articles I have written over the years.

How and why lambs tails are docked Lamb tail docking is standard procedure at most large sheep operations, and many small ones too. Some people express concern that it is a cruel or unnecessary procedure citing similar arguments used against dog tail docking. However, there are important difference … more

Heritage Breeds of Sheep The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is an excellent source for information on vanishing breeds in the US. Through their work, those interested can make an effort to keep alive a breed that was important, or at least known, to our ancestors, but whose numbers are now dwindling…read more

Best sheep breed for wool production There are a wide variety of uses for wool: heavy durable rugs, soft willowy scarves and warm, chunky waterproof sweaters. It is used for crafts and felting. It can be handspun or mechanically processed. It can be a lovely heathery natural blend…read more

Problems associated with the overuse of wormer A vicious cycle has been growing on sheep farms in the US. Sheep farmers who have been diligent in following a regular schedule for worming their flocks are discovering wormer resistance developing within the parasite population…read more

Product Reviews: Sheep Suits Covering sheep is a must for the producer who wishes to keep their fleeces clean. Covers prevent any accumulation of dirt, manure and especially vegetable matter (hay) in the wool. A covered fleece is more desirable to the hand-spinning market…read more

Guide to Sheep Covers A common question surfaces when people see a flock of covered sheep, “Why are those sheep wearing coats?” They are amazed that the wool isn’t enough to keep them warm…read more

How to prepare your outdoor animals for winter The amount of preparation needed to care for an animal in winter will depend on the type of animal and the severity of the winter. Some animals are perfectly suited to tolerate winter as-is and some need considerable assistance…read more

Sheep or Goats: Pros and Cons

Keeping Sheep: Basic Terminology

Keeping Sheep: Shelters

Sheep Rx: Scrapie

Sheep Rx: Chlamydia

More to come…

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