VIdeo of the Bottle Babies

Here is a short video of me feeding the two little cuties, Heather and Cocoa.

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4 Responses to VIdeo of the Bottle Babies

  1. danrshaw says:

    That was a great video. How many times do you have to go out to feed them a day? I also loved how your hens came running as soon as they saw you. Mine do the same to me. Do lambs ever relax their ears or are they always erect? You also have a great voice for videos. Very distinctive and clear.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Hi Dan, Right now I feed Cocoa 3x and Heather 4x, though today is the first time I am downgrading Heather to 3x—they need to get eating the lush grass coming in. Technically you can completely wean them at one month, but that seems a bit harsh to me. Plus I enjoy the time with them! Re: Ears: they are born limp against the skull and it takes a few days to go straight out. I call it “getting their ear bones”. They will go limp again if they are sick. Apparently different breeds are a bit different on this. I have a new breed going into my flock this year and I noticed the babies were significantly slower in developing their “ear bones”. Thank you for the voice compliment. It is so low that I get called “sir” a lot over the phone, but I am glad to hear of a more positive way of looking at it!

  2. Debbie says:

    OMG!!! How cute are they??? Thanks for the update! 🙂

  3. Trish Avery says:

    Chickies say “Meal worms??? Where are the meal worms???”
    They are just too cute! nun num num num num num num num num num num

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