Whirlwind of a Weekend

Cheerios, our last pregnant doe gave birth today. She had twins this time, both boys. She was such a good mommy– I checked on her around 2pm with no apparent activity. Dave found her at 4:30 in the pasture with 2 completely dried off babies. Much different than last year’s long, drawn out birth that we ended up assisting in (pulling with all my might) to deliver the humongous single she had. Twins are so much easier. On to the pictures….


Cheerios resting in the sunset. She has tucked her twins around her.

Her babies are both tan-ish. We now have a total of 4 that are various shades of tan. I have given up trying to think of more names.


Cheerios tan kid #1


Cheerios tan kid #2

How are the other babies doing? I’m glad you asked! Here are the cousins…


Poptart’s tan kids #1 and #2


One of Toffee’s triplets. I’ve been calling him Oreo, but he kind of reminds me of Eeyore, too. I think he is the cutest of the bunch. He doesn’t have the long-leggedness that all the rest do, making him look like a stuffed animal. Obviously quite fake.


Cocoa has made herself right at home. What….you don’t let goats on your living room couch??? She is also one of Toffee’s triplets.

The third one of Toffee’s triplets, Chex, we put to sleep this morning. The vet felt his joint problem was very serious. It seemed his joint sockets were not formed properly on his back half.

And now we are DONE with kidding! See you in about a month for the lambing show. 🙂

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4 Responses to Whirlwind of a Weekend

  1. Debbie says:

    I am sorry to hear about Chex and your loss. *sniff* He is onto better pastures however ~ bouncing around keeping the old goats young. I just love the pic of Cocoa!!!

  2. Awe, Julie, sorry about the little one you lost. Farm people hate to lose ANY animals. About the rest of them though…they ARE going to make up for it! Beauties every one!

  3. Laura says:

    They aren’t tan, they are blond! Very cute!

  4. Cylly says:

    Whirlwind is right! I’m glad all the does are doing well & most of the kids are bouncing around. Sorry to hear about losing the little “onesie” kid.
    Chex coordinates nicely with your furniture. How convenient! That is a lot of similar colored kids! Maybe they need colored collars and you can call them Blue (oops, never mind, don’t use Bleu!), Red, Green, etc, to differentiate them. Other cereal names that come to mind: Wheaties, Corn Flakes, Kellogg, Oatmeal, Quaker, Captain Crunch. And candy names: Mary Jane, Charleston Chew, butter brickle, caramel. With all the boys, I guess you prolly won’t be needing many names.
    What about calling the black & white one Eeyoreo? I think his stubby little legs are cute! (But that is a biased opinion coming from a girl who had dwarf goats & small ponies!)

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