The Ultimate and Definitive Cure for the Hiccups

I wish someone had told me about this cure 40 years ago. I am a fairly frequent sufferer of hiccups, getting them once or twice a week. They come on hard and last long.

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I have tried every common cure out there: holding my breath, having someone jump out and scare me, holding my nose while drinking water upside down from the wrong side of the glass. None of these work at all.

I know people who breathe in a paper bag for awhile and it seems to eventually work. Some also take a spoonful of sugar, but it just never worked for me. I even found a website that has this recipe for a huge herbal concoction you can whip up in about an hour–not very quick and handy.

About ten years ago I discovered that taking a shot of lemon juice worked very well–probably 4 times out of 5. The drawback is that it is nasty going down and can leave your stomach sour. But it was worth it for me.

Then one day about 4 months ago, the hiccups came on and the lemon juice bottle was empty <GASP>.  I had read at some point that hiccups were a pH problem in the body and you needed to alter the pH for them to stop. This made sense why the lemon juice worked–it’s only one step removed from battery acid, so is able to alter the pH in your system.

So as I stood holding the fridge door open with one hand and an empty bottle of lemon juice in the other, I racked my brain, between *hics* as to what else would change my body’s pH and DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Then I saw them….singing to me from the top shelf of the fridge. A bottle of dill pickles I had just finished canning after our bountiful cucumber harvest! And they were just swimming in lovely, acidy vinegar.

I removed the blessed jar and contemplated taking a shot of the straight vinegar. It was apple cider vinegar with yummy pickling spices, it may not be TOO bad. But I thought first I will just eat a pickle slice (chip) and see if that does anything.

The result was instant. The pickle piece was barely swallowed and I literally felt my diaphragm simply relax. No shot of vinegar required…just one sour pickle.


This was in August and since then I have done this cure about 20 times. It has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. There was only one exception where I got the hiccups really deep and hard–very painful. That time it took two slices of pickle, and then beautiful relaxing feeling came on.

One of the beauties of this cure is if you get the hiccups in a restaurant, you can just ask them for a small plate with a pickle on it. I have also sucked on a lemon from my water with some success.

I have yet to try a bread and butter pickle, which I also have canned copious amounts of. I am afraid the sugar in that recipe will offset the acid.

If after reading this you try it and it works (or doesn’t) please comment below! I would love to know if this is just personally successful or if it is a universal cure. 🙂

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7 Responses to The Ultimate and Definitive Cure for the Hiccups

  1. Trish says:

    I NEED THE HICCUPS so I can try this! Cool!!!

  2. I like this. I love pickles. A match made in heaven….Julie, you are a smartie!

  3. Mia says:

    Hmmm…I have a hiccup problem in my household but it’s my 4 month old who isn’t quite ready for pickles lol. Still, I will certainly try this next time I get the hiccups!

  4. Felichia says:

    Hi, I have just used apple cider vinegar which works instantly. I agree its a PH problem meaning you need to make your body more alkaline, which apple cider vinegar does and is just very good for your overall health. Give it a try!

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