Prepping for Sandy

As I type this it has just begun to lightly rain outside, one of the outermost bands from Hurricane Sandy has arrived. We have been very busy trying to prepare for this so-called Frankenstorm, making sure everything is set up properly for all the animals and us.

The thick gray clouds have a piled-up look to them.

Most of the storm track predictions send the storm right over us in south central PA

All tracks lead to Dillsburg!

Different articles describe this as a Perfect Storm or a Superstorm. Not only is it three systems coming together like the famous Hurricane Grace of Perfect Storm movie fame (that event was also called the Halloween Nor’easter), but this one is hitting during a full moon and over land, which will cause greater flooding in coastal regions.

The Green Dot at Tue 2pm is us.

So continuing on our walk around the farm in preparation

These are the ram lambs in the back pasture. We had to come up with a plan for these two to come into the barn. They were due to go to the butcher Tuesday but will have a reprieve. The challenge is they cannot have any contact with the ewes (their mothers) as they are of breeding age and ability now.

We found a spot inside for the young boys. They will be nose-to-nose with the rest of the flock but no mingling.

Whew! Dave just dragged me outside to help…the rams are now IN that pen. Let’s just say they didn’t walk in very willingly.

Ellie comes over to check out what I’m doing. She is such a sweetie and appreciates her cheek rubbed.

The hay is piled to the roof…that’s always a good feeling.

Hard to see at this angle, but this is the sheep travel box that has been put into the ram pen for Saxon, Duncan, Ellie and Brianna. They already had overhead protection under the pavilion, but this will help against sideways rain and wind. The hay rack is the object in the foreground blocking the view. (In order to get a great photo I would have to stand IN with the rams!)

Cockle shows off his snowy white feathers.

Celia, perfectly calm before the storm.

The pretty fall colors are totally dulled with the steel gray sky.

See you in a few days. If you are in the path, keep warm and stay safe!

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7 Responses to Prepping for Sandy

  1. danrshaw says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay safe and warm.

  2. glorylennon says:

    Just started raining in the Poconos. Stay safe, everyone!

  3. Julie, our thoughts and prayers are with you, please do stay safe! Your animals are beautiful,…take care!

  4. Cylly says:

    We ran around prepping yesterday and today, too. It was a pleasant day to be outside: not windy and not too chilly. We will only have wind and rain from the edge of the storm but that’s bad enough! The generator is standing by. We were going to have our driveway worked on but we might need a lot more fixing by the end of the week.

    I hope all goes as well as possible for all! Ttyl after the hurricane!

  5. Trish says:

    Good to see you got everyone all set. Love that you have different looking chickens now!!!!
    I am sure we will be without power for a really really long time. I don’t like that the wind will blow for so long. I suppose I’ll have time to get some reading done!
    Stay safe and sound! XOXOXOX

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