Chicken Makeover

I just wanted to do a quick ‘before and after’ of the new gals that arrived at our house in September.  This is about Maude. She was the worst of the bunch.

If you remember a friend of a customer needed to quickly rehome some Americaunas. They had been penned in a too-small enclosure and so were quite disreputable looking when they arrived. They were also very skittish, so the ‘before’ pictures were taken at a great distance and thus fuzzy. Though there are still some imperfections I think the improvement over the past 6 weeks has been noticeable!



AFTER 6 glorious weeks of free-ranging, Maude is much friendlier and more fashion-conscious!

She still has a little bald spot on her neck but I think she will be plenty warm for winter now!

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9 Responses to Chicken Makeover

  1. glorylennon says:

    Holy moly! What a transformation! She’s a totally different chickie. Do you do human makeovers too? 😉

  2. Trish says:

    Lovely! I love the pattern on her feathers.

  3. Laura says:

    I looked at the first two photos and thought, there is no change, what is she talking about. Poor bird still looks dreadful, then I scrolled down a bit more. Ahhh, what a relief. She still looks a little “tousled” but so much better.

  4. stephanie says:

    Bless your heart for helping the chicks! They are so sweet!! 😀

  5. stephanie says:

    P.S. love the chick’s name !!

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