Our New Ram, Gabriel!

We welcomed a new member to our family today. Please meet Gabriel….

Gabe looks a little different than the rest of our sheep. We have pure Corriedales but he is a Corriedale mixed with Cormo and Merino.  He has a more prominent chin and also very little hair around the eyes making it all look much pinker there. He has a pink nose too, as opposed to the Corriedales’s black–all influence from the Cormo breeding. And his wool is to die for!

He was born in January, making him 9 months old. We bought him from Geof Ruppert at Windborne Farm (same place we got Saxon).

Bringing him into the paddock, Gabriel was immediately welcomed by Toffee. She was totally infatuated. He ignored her.

We needed a new ram because we are at the end of the line for what we can do with Saxon through linebreeding. Linebreeding is a controlled method of inbreeding to concentrate good traits. But he is too related to this last generation to safely continue.  We will continue to breed Saxon with our older ewes that are not related (or minimally related) to him. But the rest will breed with Gabriel, introducing all new blood, and in effect, combining Saxon’s prize-winning genes (through his offspring) to Gabe’s fantastic wool genes.

Gabe meets the ewes. Everyone is very curious about the newcomer. Even our ram lambs separated in the back pasture are looking on.

So Saxon will breed with Brianna and Ellie this year. Gabe is with Colleen, Daphne, Abby, Felicia and Gretchen.

Gabe struts his stuff in front of Saxon.

Meeting the patriarch through the safety of the fence.

Eventually Gabe and Saxon will have to meet without the fence between them. But not till after breeding season is over. Saxon outweighs him by at least 100 lbs, so it will be a tense and carefully planned out introduction when it happens.

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7 Responses to Our New Ram, Gabriel!

  1. glorylennon says:

    Wow, Gabe is going to be busy “getting busy”. I mean four lady sheep to Saxon’s two. “youth is wasted on the wrong sheep,” says Saxon with a pout. 😉

  2. danrshaw says:

    Typical youth, it’s all about me generation. LOL

  3. Cylly says:

    So did he come with the name “Gabriel” or did you re-name him on your “G” year? (Which means we should be thinking of “H” names for the lamb crop next year, huh?)

  4. Trish says:

    So much going on down there!!! How fun to watch for the good woolies in the future!

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