He’s Ba-ack!

Returning to us again this year for breeding is Domino!

He’s wearing a plastic break-away collar, that’s not metal chain.

Domino is a purebred Nubian from Camelot Valley (They make yummy goat cheese there). He is here for 2 weeks to breed our girls. He makes beautiful spotted babies like Fluffer and Nutter here last spring (out of PopTart):

I just walked out my front door and I could tell Domino had arrived. Nothing stinks worse than a buck and this is why we will never keep one. They flavor everything including the air. So he just visits.

Posing with Dave, with our 3 girls looking on.

He has really matured. He was only 6 months old last year and is now fully matured and muscled out.

Domino as a 6 month old (last breeding season).

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11 Responses to He’s Ba-ack!

  1. Trish says:

    His color is so unusual. But I do agree. I borrowed a buck for a winter and he was more than fragrant! Uck! Everything stunk!!

  2. Cylly says:

    What a stud! Thankfully we can’t smell him over the interwebs. I see from these pix how spotted he really is. No wonder his name is Domino.

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    Mature or not, he did get the job done last time, so he won’t have any problem this time either. Will wait with bated breath to see the kids he fathers.

  4. danrshaw says:

    I grew up with goats in the yard up to the age of 6. (My grandfather lived with us and he had 5 goats) I thought they all stunk and couldn’t stand goats milk. It was raw and not very cold. Of course I was very young so what did I know… It was about the same age I drank kersosene twice in 2 weeks and had to get my stomach pumped out.

  5. I just love his color. I can see why you would have him visit again. Love those floppy ears too!

  6. Domino is real good at spreading the love! For any of you that want to find out what goat milk is supposed to taste like, we are now producing bottled pasteurized milk and it is even better than cow!

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