Rainbow Eggs

I just wanted to show you the variety of colors available in chicken eggs. I also have confirmed the Ameraucana identification of our new girls by the green egg!

It is very difficult to photograph the light colored eggs so that it shows, but this gives an idea. At top is a deep brown egg from our red sex-links that just started laying. To the right is a pale green egg from the Ameraucana. At bottom is what is called “tinted” or a very light brown from our White Orpington. At left is a pure white egg typical of a white leghorn.

Green eggs and ham, anyone?


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7 Responses to Rainbow Eggs

  1. I remember visiting Clear Lake as a kid. They had lots of chickens that laid rainbow colored eggs. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Trish says:

    Lovely! Cylyn will be jealous of that deep dark colored egg! Her little banty Ameraucanas lay green eggs. As they age the shade has faded a bit.

    • Julie Helms says:

      I have a friend who had Cuckoo Marans (Chocolate Eggers) and the eggs were about the same shade as that dark brown. This is my first time getting them–they are very rich looking.

  3. Aha, Julie, I thought those new girls were Ameraucaunas, those eggs would pretty much confirm that, they lay various colors–interesting. When you want to photograph those colored eggs, place them against a black background, the colours will show up better. “:)

  4. glorylennon says:

    Lovely range of colors. So annoying we only get the white ones at the store. 😦

  5. Cylly says:

    Ooh! Taste the rainbow! See, they are already settling in to your farm. I love green eggs. Now I’m curious if you will get different shades of green from different hens. We had one EE that laid a more vivid robin’s egg bluer green and another who laid more olive colored with the others in between (like your new egg). I would love to find some mahogany/chocolate egg layers, only in bantam size.

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