Garden Diary 5/26/12

Here is a vegetable update on this very hot and steamy evening. With all the rain everything is green and bushy.

The strawberries are ripening fast now. Benji ate a bunch off this plant before they ripened. I can’t imagine they tasted very good. We have been eating lots of chopped up strawberries on angel food cake, covered with whipped cream I have been making from our Jersey raw milk. Yumm!

Broccoli, cabbage and celery, with lettuce tucked in between. Most of the lettuce is bolting now so I will clear that out and the rest will have more room to grow. That lovely hazy look is because it is so humid out it was fogging up my lens!

Spinach with broccoli behind it. We are getting tons of spinach right now–it has been wonderful in our salads.

I am almost done with the planting in our new hugelkultur raised bed. It is bigger than it looks: 5′ x 11′.  I will do a post on how we filled this bed–it is quite the process! I have planted in here: more broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Also bush beans, 5 kinds of tomatoes, radishes, carrots, 2 types of cukes, garlic and shallots, plus a single plant each of basil, cilantro, oregano, feverfew and comfrey. Then I stuck in just a few marigolds and nasturtiums (seeds).

Here are the tomatoes and garlic interplanted. Tomato varieties I used: Oregon Spring, Rutgers, Roma, Super Beefsteak and Lunchmate (a small slicing tomato). All of our cherrie tomatoes are volunteering in the other garden with most of the broccoli, spinach and lettuce.

I still need to take pictures of my “three sisters” gardens, but they aren’t done yet. I have six plots where I planted sweet corn. It has just reached the right height (about 6″) where I can add in the pole beans and squash-hope to do this on Monday.  Dave’s project for this holiday weekend is to make some mounds somewhere on our property to plant the melons and pumpkins.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading this far!

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4 Responses to Garden Diary 5/26/12

  1. Cylly says:

    How nice to be enjoying the fruits of your labor! It’s amazing what response there is from plants after a bit of rain.
    I went with some wacky colors this year: purple bush beans, yellow watermelon and red sweet corn. Corn is always a gamble because as a seedling it gets eaten by chipmunks (current problem) or later demolished by raccoons. But I keep trying! The chickens are staying in their pen for most of the day now because they are scratching up my gardens. I think next year I’ll be setting up bird netting on the gardens!

  2. This looks great, Julie. We’re looking at a little lake where parts of our garden are supposed to be. Can’t plant unless we develop ‘floating gardens’. *sigh

  3. Lisa says:

    I’ll be over for strawberries and cream! They look wonderful! Your garden sounds great, too.

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