Garden Diary 5/17/12

Here is an update of mostly my vegetable garden, weeds and all.

Cabbage surrounded by volunteer cherry tomatoes. I have about a billion of these cherry tomatoes and I have weeded out another billion! Scallion to the upper right.

Broccoli with spinach and interspersed with onions.

Garden peas are blooming, scallions in front.

Scallions are an explosion, with lettuce/mesclun in front. A few peas are in back but they didn’t really care to grow under the dryer vent there.

Celery. If you were following my celery story, this is from a 1 ”  stump of celery from the supermarket that I stuck in a shallow dish with water for a few months, then planted in the ground. Supposedly I can keep cutting the stalks and new ones will grow back.

Comfrey leaf bigger than my hand. I planted a bunch of comfrey in the fruit orchard but I had one little root left over. I stuck it in a pot since I couldn’t throw it away. In just a few weeks these gigantic leaves emerged. They are bigger then the ones planted in the orchard!

I just returned from a visit with my good friend Lisa in Indiana.  Her location is one growing zone colder than mine and yet her flowers were about 1-2 weeks ahead of mine. We had a warm March but Indiana must have had an ever warmer one. Her are a few shots from her gardens:

Pretty peonies came into bloom while I was there.





Very large frilly iris.

Shasta Daisy


This is actually an iris at my place–just started blooming.

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2 Responses to Garden Diary 5/17/12

  1. Trish Avery says:

    You are light years ahead of us! Love visiting again through your blog. Celery is amazing! Never knew you could do that! (We have mowed our lawn!)

  2. Hey, your camera certainly did my flowers justice. Thanks for putting these on for all to see!

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