Through the generations in lambs

I have photos of three direct generations of girls that I thought we could look at for a familial resemblance (you know, how you or your sister looked like your mom when she was your age kind of thing).

So this line begins with Aldy (who we got as an adult, no baby pictures) and continues with her daughter Ellie, and her daughter Felicia, and her daughter Gretchen.



She is a bit bigger here than the others so some of the cute has begun to wear off. This is when her mother passed away and she had to become a bottle baby at 10 days old.

Ellie-10 days old




Felicia-about 4 days old



She has this little smile on her face. And check out the fuzzy legs on the left! I think the babies are getting cuter as we go along. The wool quality is improving greatly too. Aldy had mediocre wool, Ellie’s is pretty darn good, Felicia’s is among the best we’ve ever had, so that leaves Gretchen with some pretty high expectations!

Gretchen at 4 days

Gretchen-4 days

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11 Responses to Through the generations in lambs

  1. Trish Avery says:

    Love them! And Gretchen’s eyes look just fine! She does look like she has a “sheepish” grin. 🙂

  2. danrshaw says:

    How come no mention of their daddy? If the cute is wearing off don’t he get the blame?

    • Julie Helms says:

      Saxon is everyone’s daddy here and he gets ALL the credit for the improving wool. The cute wearing off is a function of aging–losing that baby look, not an actual problem.

  3. Felicia is my sentimental favorite, but they are all so very cute.

  4. Cylly says:

    Wow sheepies can get to be great-grand mommies pretty quickly. Cute baby pix! They do seem to be getting woolier and woolier.
    Will Duncan get so see any action, so to speak, while you have him? (you may have already addressed this and I’ve just forgotten). I assume his mommy is out in the field so you need to be extra-selective since he’s already related to some girls thru Saxon. Or is he related to everyone already?

    • Julie Helms says:

      Duncan is genetically 3/4 Saxon, so we will probably wait and use him only if something happens to Saxon. It was never our intention to have 2 rams, especially related ones.

  5. Julie, they’re all so cute. Gretchen has the fuzziest legs I’ve ever seen. Must be a good sign! They all look GREAT!

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