Felicia brings us Gretchen!

This morning we found Felicia with her little baby girl. Apparently she did this in a mud puddle.  She seems to already be nursing. All good news this for this first-time mommy. And thank you for FINALLY giving us a girl this season!  Scorecard: 4 boys and 1 girl

The lamb really does have this kind of smile on her face.

I will save more pics for after clean-up and fluffing.

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5 Responses to Felicia brings us Gretchen!

  1. Cylly says:

    Yay Felicia for giving Wooly Acres a girl lambie! So glad everything went smoothly for the first-time mommy.

  2. Trish Avery says:

    AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Will be over to see her hopefully today!

  3. danrshaw says:

    What is amazing is that you remember all their names and whom begat who.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Even though they are all just “white” sheep, they are very distinctive looking to me. There is a mother/daughter pair (Abby/Daphne) who I had a tough time telling apart because of nearly identical faces, but then Abby got her ear bit in half by a friend’s horse so it’s much easier to tell them apart now! I do rely on the names though to remember the generations. That’s why we do the alphabet thing–makes figgerin’ a lot faster!

  4. barb sheffer says:

    She looks like a cutie! Mysti went awwww. I guess we will need to stop by again soon.

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