So why am I up at 1 am writing a blog post??  To share a most momentous occasion!! For the first time ever in Wooly Acres history of raising Corriedales we…

Count them...1,2,3!


It’s also the first time I have ever helped in a delivery wearing my pink pajamas…but that’s not as important.

So here’s the stats: Brianna has given us 3 baby…wait for it…yes, 3 baby boys. All boys. Again. But bless her heart this marks 10 babies for her in 5 years: 2 girls and 8 boys.

So now I need to stop telling people that our Corries only twin and never triple!

I need suggestions please for a trio of “G” boy names, otherwise my husband said he will call them George the 1st, George the 2nd and George the 3rd <argh>.

I will post cute white fluffy pictures tomorrow. They are still yellow and goopy now. And I am off to bed…to count sheep. 🙂

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13 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations. Get some sleep-every new mama needs more sleep!

  2. Trish Avery says:

    Wow! I now am SURE I will see herds of bouncing babies when I come. Brianna did a herd all by herself! Gosh, Golly and Good Grief! lol

  3. Stan Short says:



    It kinda fits what Dave wants to do by sense of the names, and they are different like you always do….

    also Galen, Galloway, and Galvin….. I like those.

  4. Cylly says:

    Congratulations on first time triplets! I was wondering when the lambing would start now that the kidding is done. And I’m seeing little bright white lambs appearing up here at a farm I drive by often. (They are small white sheep with ears that stick up like goats.) Can you explain what the yellow is on the new lambs? I think you explained last year but I forgot.
    I notice you haven’t posted any pictures of the pink pjs at 1am. Lol.
    Stan suggested great names! My additions are Gregory and Geoffrey (makes me think giraffe). I like Georgia for a girl’s name IF George doesn’t get used up multiple times.

  5. Laura says:

    Since they aren’t going to be hanging around long, I vote for Trish’s names.
    Seems like Briana ought to get some sort of special reward for all this baby making at the same time she is offering up prizewinning fleeces.

    You sure you don’t want a nice pasture full of calm wethers? I am seeing fleece…

  6. Gary, Gabriel and George (to please your husband)

    Do you prefer to have girl or boys when it comes to sheep?

  7. Sarah says:

    George??? GEORGE???? No.

    Gerber, Graham, Gilmore, Garrison, Gideon, Gallagher.

    XD Have fun with three baby boys!

  8. Ash says:

    How about Gallim, Gazzam and George? (The first two are Bible names: Gallim, he who heaps up, covers; Gazzam, the fleece of them; and of course George is George.) 😉

    found the list of Bible names here:

  9. Gleeson, Gilder, and Gooper for sure. Julie, congratulations on having triplets, no wonder she looked so big! Unusual!

  10. Sarah says:

    Golly, Gosh and Gee-Wiz. 😀

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