Wooly and Dewoolied

In my shearing post, it was noted in the comments that I did not show an “after” picture.  So I have rectified the situation!

Here is before…

Here they are wearing 365 days growth of wool.

And after…

It takes me a minute longer to identify them now, but this is Brianna enjoying the warm day without her wool.

The boys...Duncan on the left and Saxon with that beautiful wrinkly schnoz.

And here’s what got left behind…

This is ONE fleece. Saxon's fleece from 2011.

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8 Responses to Wooly and Dewoolied

  1. Before and after, –definitely they were hot and now are cooler–and definitely smaller. “:))

  2. Ah yes, that is better, they are so much cuter with their wool I must say but I am sure they feel better for spring without it.

  3. Lisa says:

    I bet they appreciated the warm sun today since they’ve been de-wooled! Julie, do you think they are cuter with or without their coats?

  4. obxster77 says:

    They have a pathetic look on their face in the 3rd photo. Like they are begging for their clothes back.

  5. Trish Avery says:

    You got it off just in time for the too hot weather! They look blissfully happy.
    That is a HUGE pile of wool!!

  6. Christopher Crocker says:

    I see the difference! The chicken is missing in the second picture! Right? Did I get it?

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