Buzzy Bees

Our japonica bushes in front of the house are literally loaded with bees. You just walk by and you are in a cloud of 50+ bees. I have mostly Carpenter Bees which aren’t known for stinging (the males don’t even have stingers).

The plant is in it’s full glory right now and the bees are taking full advantage. I tried to take a survey of the type of bees on it. I saw about a hundred carpenter bees, 1 honeybee and 1 mason bee.

Large carpenter bee

A lone honey bee in the foreground, carpenter bee in the back

I’ve been exploring the possibility of getting a top bar beehive. I am very undecided at this point. This weekend is the Pennsylvania’s beekeepers’ (PENNAPIC) annual spring meeting and of all the good luck it is being held just a few miles from my home in Franklintown. I’m hoping this informational meeting aimed at beginners will help me decide one way or another if I want to get into it or not. My friend Glory is supposed to go with me, but I see on Facebook as I write this she is trying to weasel her way out. 😀

Some other blooms about the place this week:

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7 Responses to Buzzy Bees

  1. Beautiful pics, Julie! Bees, eh? I have been contemplating bees too, but I’m not that keen on being stung a lot….”:)

  2. Cylly says:

    And here I was thinking how advanced spring is around here in the northern tundra. I was excited to see the greens just poking their heads up on the south side of buildings. I forgot how far ahead your area is; it looks like full-throttle spring! Ahhh flowers! And buzzy bees!

  3. Debbie says:

    Beekeeping can be very rewarding. I have a fabulous contact in Maine who I am sure would love to give you some advice – he is a Master Beekeeper. Let me know if you would be interested. Also – I am impressed that you know the differences between the bee types!

    Your japonica is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Lisa says:

    Geez, please don’t tell my kids this or we’ll never make it over!

  5. authormjlogan says:

    I always wanted to get one of those small dome-shaped beehives. But they don’t allow such things here in the village. My wife would really think I’d lost it too.

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