Double Stuff

Today was such a beautiful day, sunny and 70s. We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. We took them outside to show them our newest family members: Fluffer and Nutter.

Well, just about at this very moment, Sarah notices that Cheerios looks like she was in labor. She was right!

(Birthing pictures below)

Cheerios has pulled away from the herd and is by herself. She is straining with contractions here.

The bag of waters is protruding under her tail.

A foot. It was kind of waving at us!

Then everything came to a standstill for a few hours. Those feet just came and went, back and forth. We established that they were the correct feet to be presenting, so there wasn’t a danger of suffocation from a breach. I checked on her periodically for a few hours. The final time, the head and front feet were half out and just stuck. Cheerios seem to have quit trying. Dave held her front end and I wrapped a towel around the partial head and feet (they are REALLY slippery) and gently, firmly pulled. It was hard work! But this is what flopped out…

Soaking wet, still partially in the sac. What odd coloring from the brown and white parents!

It’s a big boy. He is very large considering the size of the mom.

His face reminded us instantly of an Oreo, but we decided to go with Double Stuff (twice as big as an Oreo!)

Trying to stand at about 3 minutes old.

Standing and looking for the milk bar. Can you see how big this baby is compared to mom!?!

All seems well with mom and son.

Here is an update on the other kids:

Family Photo: Poptart, Nutter and Fluffer (closest to camera)

The kids keep running to the sheep to nurse. Daphne is not amused. Please notice the full wooly sheep. That is a full year's worth of wool. Tomorrow it will be all gone. It will be SHEARING DAY!

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11 Responses to Double Stuff

  1. Jamie Gregory says:

    Precious, Just Precious! Wish we lived closer to join in on all this fun!!

  2. Laura says:

    Poor Cheerios – but it looks like she’s interested in Doublestuff so hopefully the rest of the raising of him won’t be so traumatic. He’s quite the handsome boy!

    Looking forward to watching the shearing tomorrow and seeing what goodies we have there.

  3. authormjlogan says:

    He sure is a double-stuffed kid. I’m glad he made it okay. Great that you were there for pictures too.


  4. Cylly says:

    Yay Cheerios! (And poor Cheerios!) Congrats all around! Double stuff is a great name. :).

  5. Trish Avery says:

    That is an ENORMOUS kid. Good thing you were there. I don’t think she would have made it without your help. SCARY! (Good catch, Cassie!)

  6. Stacey says:

    What a big kid is right! He didn’t look so big in the first picture, but when he stands up. WOW!
    Thank you for sharing! Love the ability to learn vicariously. 🙂

  7. Debbie says:

    Appropriate name! Are you sure the milkman wasn’t involved since his coloring is a tad unusual? 🙂

  8. Wow, Julie, that is a BIG BOY! Congrats! Beautiful job!

  9. Fran Kocher says:

    It was such a treat to be present at this “blessed event”. Double Stuff is a beauty and we’re thankful Cheerios is relieved of her burden and appears to be none the worse for having such a big “kid”! Not sure if this adds to our “grandparenting laurels”….but will try to remember his name, at least!! Thanks for a surprisingly eventful “day at the farm”……..Grandma and Grandpa

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