It’s Just Not Possible…Chicken betrayal!

The chicken laughed 'cause he knew my goose was cooked.

Well, it would appear that I have egg on my face. My prediction was scrambled, my confidence cracked and my reputation fried.

I had made a prediction about the gender of my peeps when they were a day old: 4 hens and 1 roo.

I appear to have been a little off.  A lottle off actually.

Please compare what I said and pictured with this other official link–a university’s animal science department:

My pics-

Official feather sexing for a girl (pullet)–

Official feather sexing of a boy (cockerel)–

Where did I go wrong?

So it would seem I have in actuality, not 1 rooster, but possibly 5.  If that is so, then I hatched 5 out 5 roosters this hatching and 5 out of 6 roosters last time. What are the odds???

I still am not positive on this, but their current feather development is such that they are all looking roostery. They are developing long tail and saddle feathers. One has more medium length–seems longer than a hen but definitely less than the others…is there hope there? Here they are– I couldn’t get them all in one pic, so here are the 5 in two pics.

(Note: Saddle feathers are in the back, but not the tail.  The tail pokes this way —-> and the saddle feathers slope downward)

Notice suspiciously long tail and saddle feathers. 2nd from the right has shorter tail feathers.

More lengthy back end feathers

Now for an oddity. Several weeks ago 4 out  5 chickens’ legs bleached. They are born yellow and then (at least with this breed) at some point turn pinky white. The hens seem to do it in conjunction with the onset of egg laying.  So 4 bleached out about the same time and weeks later I still have one with yellow legs.  It also happens to be the one with medium, not long tail feathers. Could that possibly indicate s/he is a female?

The bird in the middle has yellow legs, the two on either side have bleached legs as does the chicken in the pic above this one. Maybe yellowlegs in the middle is a hen???But the saddle feathers are too long.

They aren’t quite old enough for laying yet.  The crowing has started but never more than one at a time for me to see who all is crowing.

The final determination has not quite been made yet, but will be confirmed very soon. So I am done with the prognostication business and will stop predicting things ahead of time, except that I do foresee a lot of chicken soup in my future.

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15 Responses to It’s Just Not Possible…Chicken betrayal!

  1. Dan says:

    Color me confused. But that is a normal state. How is it that if I order a dozen hens and 1 rooster from mail order they ship them when they are a day or two old and already know the sex?

  2. Trish Avery says:

    Dan, it is possible to sex a chick by peering into it’s vent. It is a perfected art and very difficult. Or some chicks are color coded for sex (sexlink) and easy to identify sex at hatching.
    Julie………never play the lottery. lol What are the odds of so many, all one sex. It must have something to do with the incubator temperatures or humidity.

    • Julie Helms says:

      I’ve been racking my brain on this. As far as I know chickens are not like other animals that develop sex based on incubator temp. Unless I’ve discovered something new!! Haha!

  3. glorylennon says:

    You’re not expecting me to take a few again, do you? LOL this is just too bizarre.

  4. Judging by your intro, you have been doing too much editing for a certain … project.

    Well, here is how we can fix this: hatch a batch just for me next time. Remember my pet chicken and how you were going to hatch a chick for me? Yeah, that should clear out that rooster karma. 😉

  5. authormjlogan says:

    Sounds to me like you need a new chief rooster…

  6. Stan Short says:

    Maybe you should start a soupstore next to the bookstore… that would be a sure way to start getting some hens…

  7. Chicken Little is getting bigger. Yellowlegs looks like a hen, but the others don’t look like roosters to me, but if they are all roosters, they are genetically-challenged because of the marginal propensity to an all-male population. Some are bound to be more roosterish than others. “:) Here is the Chinese answer to your problem: ” Chicken with no egg make best soup”.
    The alternative is to raise turkeys.
    Hatch-a-batch with a new rooster of a different meat/egg breed in their midst. Remember this specific breed is quite hybridized and weird stuff can happen. “:)

  8. Out smarted by a chicken… well dang, that is embarrassing. They look like they are having a great time growing up though.

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