Spring Eggs

So what do you do on a dreary, rainy, cold February day?

Why you make happy, cheerful Spring Eggs of course!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I loved it: deviled eggs with a pastel flair! They are very simple to make but here are the steps:

Hard boil your eggs, peel and cut in half:

Scoop out yolks. (We mix them with mayo, relish, mustard, salt and pepper):

Put the empty whites into glasses with water, 3 drops of food coloring and a splash of apple cider vinegar:

The sample I was copying had lovely pastel eggs. Mine came out to a much brighter jewel tone. I soaked them for 10 minutes, so that is too long if you want pastel. They look light when you fish them out but they darken as they dry. Dry on paper towels:

After they dry, just fill with the yolk filling. The sample I copied also had a lovely cake decorating tip to make a pretty swirl out of the yolk. Not having anything remotely resembling baking equipment, I used a teaspoon:

To see the lovely pastel one I was copying click here.  Hers look more like Easter eggs and mine look more like party eggs.

I did not use my own eggs for this. Our eggs are too fresh. We would have to age them for at least two weeks to get them ‘stale’ enough to peel easily.  Store bought eggs are plenty stale and peel beautifully.

Now if only I had a party to take these to….   anybody wanna come over for some Spring Eggs?

(Added later) Due to pressure from the peanut gallery (the comment section), I have sacrificed 4 eggs– one of each color– to show what egg salad would look like. I am pretty sure you would not catch Martha Stewart serving anything close to this!

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22 Responses to Spring Eggs

  1. Dan says:

    Did you notice if soaking them in the dye changed the texture of the egg whites? I don’t like rubbery hard boiled eggs. They sure are pretty though. Can’t think what you would serve them with though. Imagine the egg salad sandwich you could make for those who have little ones around? It would sure suprise them.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Well, I ate one and it tasted the same as usual, but I don’t have a very finicky palate. For egg salad this could look like Walt Disney tossed his cookies!

      • Dan says:

        Yeah, exactly. A Disney Egg Salad sandwich. I know when I was a little boy I’d love it, just to gross out the girls. Dyed black they could make egg salad sandwiches for the Goth girls.

      • Cylly says:

        Oh please take one of each color and whip up a confetti egg salad sandwich so we can see! Please please pretty please!?!

      • Cylly says:

        Thank you for obliging the peanut gallery! Maybe they are more spectacular as devilled eggs. So now the question is: who wad brave enough to eat the egg salad?

      • Julie Helms says:

        Dave ate it for dinner last night. He seemed to think it was just fine!

  2. Cylly says:

    Oh they are so pretty! I’ve never seen this idea before. I went to a purple-themed going-away party recently – if only I had known!
    Re: “Walt Disney tossed his cookies” LOL!
    Confetti-egg-salad-sandwiches anyone?

  3. Dan says:

    I’m gonna do it. Tomorrow morning when I make a lunch for my wife to take to work I’ll made a dyed,egg salad sandwich and not tell her about it. I wonder if I’ll get a call when she eats it? You think?

  4. Lisa Spry says:

    I am the designated maker of deviled eggs at my church. I am definitely going to make these the next time we have a carry-in! Especially in springtime – lovely idea! (BTW, way too much work – and silly – for sandwiches. All you do is chop up whole cooked eggs. Why take the yolks out, color the whites, then chop the colored whites w/ the yolk?) My recipe for killer deviled eggs: butter, apple cider vinegar, sugar, Miracle Whip (not mayo), mustard, salt and pepper. Enjoy.

    • Julie Helms says:

      You could just color the whole egg but you will have a whole lot more white when you chop it up. It would be a lot of work for a pretty mediocre result. Twasn’t designed for egg salad!

  5. Trish says:

    The viola garnish just makes it perfect! (do your tongue or teeth turn colors after eating them?)

  6. Dan says:

    Not sure what colors we have left. I know we are out of red since that is always used up in the Hummingbird feeder. So maybe green and blue.

    The egg salad looks good. We kind of smoosh ours much more and add mayo and a little mustard to it.

  7. Glory Lennon says:

    Omigosh! What a hoot! They’re beautiful, and the colors are great. I would definitely go to your party. I love the rainbow egg salad too!

  8. Dan says:

    Darn it…I boiled two eggs this morning and then looked for the food coloring. Not a drop to be found in the cupboards. I guess all the colors got used up last summer for the hummingbird feeders. Even though you don’t need to put coloring in the water for them to take to it. Guess I’ll have to save the event for the future. I did put food coloring on the grocery list for next week though. Told Beth it was in preparation for the spring arrival of the hummingbirds. LOLOL

  9. Julie, cute ! They’re pretty attractive. Kids ought to love them for parties. Be right there.
    I’ll try out that recipe and leave out the food colouring. I like hard-boiled eggs that are white and yellow. hahaha! Somehow blue eggs and sausage or green eggs and ham doesn’t exactly make me hungry…”:)

  10. Sue says:

    Dear Julie,
    I am so lucky to have such a creative friend. And you told me you don’t cook much! I will definitely try this as I, too, often am the designated deviled egg provider at family functions. Thank you for cheering me up with your “pretty’s”. It has been a difficult week and now I am home with a cold and fever. Your beautiful pictures were just what I needed!

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