Pill Pockets

This may seem a shameless product advertisement, but I don’t benefit, so I proudly sing its praises from the roof tops!

I have to give Benji a pill morning and night, possibly for the rest of his life. He cannot live without them at this point. If I had to battle this 22lb cat twice a day to pill him indefinitely, it probably just wouldn’t happen.

So my brilliant cousin, Cylly, told me awhile back about Pill Pockets when she had to do frequent pilling. It’s a nummy treat with a hole in it. You put the pill in the hole, squish the opening closed and the cat gobbles it up. I think Benji pretty much eats them whole. It is funny cause I rattle his pill bottle and he comes running. Then while I prepare his “treat” he stretches up my leg in anticipation (sometimes sharpening his claws-Ouch!)  I think only once in about the approximately 100 times I have given him one did he have a look on his face like he got a bitter flavor–I quickly followed up with a spoon of wet food to help that all slide right down.  These have literally been a life saver.

I buy them from the vet because it is convenient, so I’m not sure but imagine you can get them at pet store chains. They cost me about $7 for a package of 45. There is a cat version and a dog version. I’ve seen the cat ones in two flavors: chicken and salmon. Benji recommends both!

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11 Responses to Pill Pockets

  1. Lisa says:

    I have seen these around and it is brilliant-so glad it works for you! I hope to not have to use them but it is good to know about a wonderful product out there in case I or a friend ever do. I am going to pass this on. Tip: if you call or write the manufacturer with your praises, they will send you coupons for more free or discounted pox….you can’t go wrong, esp. if he needs this the rest of his 9 lives….

  2. Sure wish I had known about them a couple of weeks ago…my scars are healing nicely, though.

  3. Stan says:

    They are the greatest thing since sliced bread….

  4. Man, I wish I would have had those years ago when I had to medicate my beloved Fluff Fluff and failed. Who knows, it may have extended his life. Will keep these in mind for the future.

  5. Glory Lennon says:

    Wow, great invention!

  6. Cylly says:

    Obviously I think these are wonderful! They were a life-saver when my very strong 19 lb cat needed pills. Another cool thing about them is that if you only need a few (like for a course of antibiotics) you can freeze the rest in the bag, then just allow to thaw when you need them again. Almost worth buying and freezing to have on hand for emergencies.

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