Sunday Pictures

Here are some of the non-farm residents of WoolyAcres…

This is Whisper. He is about 4 years old. When we got him at the shelter as a baby his name was Starsky! He weighs less than 1/2 of Benji.

This is Benji. He is 7 years old. He is seen here with his puppy. He carries this around with him merowing, especially in the middle of the night.

Here is Fraser,our collie, also 7. He is a little embarrased in this picture because he desperately needs to be groomed.

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9 Responses to Sunday Pictures

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    Frasier is such a noble looking creature. I wonder why Benji meows while carrying his Puppy? Does he hope to get it to play with him? Cats are funny!

    • Julie Helms says:

      He just does it once a night for about a minute, then sets it down and is done. I have no idea what he is thinking!

      • Lisa says:

        We had a cat who carried my velvet leggings around the house and did that-we have it on video; it is very funny. She also used to carry around a neon pink knee sock (I was a kid in the 80’s!) Now our one cat Mocha carries around this long felt string and makes very strange meow sounds sometimes, too.

        I guess it is their prey!!

  2. Lisa says:

    They are gorgeous! I love the pictures.
    If it weren’t for pets/animals, I don’t think I’d find much reason in living!
    What are the cats’ weights again?

  3. Kitt says:

    Cute! For a second I thought that was Whisper in the picture with Benji and I thought, “Wow, that is one big cat!”

    Love collies. They have such noble faces.

  4. Ann Lohman says:

    Thanks for the pictures – I’m really enjoying seeing your blog site. Ann Lohman (Lisa’s mom).

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