Sunday Pictures

This week’s feature is the chickens…

The winner of the Chicken Naming Challenge is Glory!  Thanks to everybody for participating. Many of the names were very clever or original. I settled on Glory’s names because I know I can remember them the next day ( a sad but necessary factor to take into consideration!)… So Cockle and Doodle it is! Cockle is the chicken in the middle above–note the pretty tail feathers.

So why DID the chicken cross the road?.... This is Doodle with the straight tail feathers (no arch).

You know the game Where's Waldo? Well, let's play Where's Whisper....can you find the cat in this picture?

"Step in time, step in time, never need a reason, never need a rhyme, step in time, just step in time!" (Mary Poppins)

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6 Responses to Sunday Pictures

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    Yay! I love Cockle and Doodle stepping in time. Makes me want to dance. The kitty was way over top left hand corner, I think, sitting in the driveway.

  2. Julie, your birds look incredibly healthy and happy–what a great place to be!

  3. I love chickens, it’s what they leave behind that bothered me as a child lol

  4. Laura says:

    Good eyes, Glory – I thought we were supposed to assume Whisper from the shadows…

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