The Domino Effect

A cutie named “Domino” has come to visit Wooly Acres.

Photo by Camelot Valley

Domino is a 6-month-old Nubian buck who we have on loan for breeding our does. He comes from Camelot Valley located about 5 miles away. They have many Nubian goats and a goat-cheese business.

I think Domino took care of business within his first hour here at Wooly Acres so he won’t need to stay much longer. I sure am hoping those polka-dots are hereditary! We will have the answer to that in 5 1/2 months.

OK, so this post was a *little* close to the deadline for NaBloWriMo’s challenge for daily blogging, but I made it…13 days down! Anyone got an idea for me for tomorrow? 🙂

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8 Responses to The Domino Effect

  1. Dan Shaw says:

    How about a photo tour of the farm?

  2. How about an inventory of livestock currently at Wooly Acres? Favorite fall foods? Recipes? Tomato soup?


  3. Cylly says:

    “Exotic” places you have visited? And by exotic, I mean anywhere off the farm? fave fall activities or foods/recipes? Is fall a busy time of year on the farm?
    I love this cutie Domino! Looking forward to seeing his offspring. 5.5 mo brings is to end of April/beginning of May? My friend’s mom has goats for milk production – I’ll have to ask her what they are planning for spring. They keep 2 does and got a new replacement doe kid this past spring so she may be ready for babies this time around. What DO you call a female or male kid? I know buck, doe and wether for adults, but what about the kids? (ie, for horses: foal=generic, filly=female, colt=male)

  4. Debbie says:

    Folliage/Garden updates! 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    Ideas for tomorrow – fall chores – what do you have to do to get ready for winter? How about your collie? We’ve seen kitties but no doggie… Favorite egg recipes? Praying mantis photos? Preparing bluebird boxes for winter?

  6. Glory Lennon says:

    So, you’re thoroughly done with maples? 😉 I like the above mentioned ideas plus you can give a us a glimpse into your human family too, telling us their little oddities or cute things they tend to do.

  7. I have never kept goats but love looking at them because they come in so many different colors and patterns. Excellent name!

  8. Julie, how about the funniest things you’ve ever seen your collection of animals do? Sometimes they are hilarious as well as entertaining…

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