A Poem

A Kitten’s Fantasy

My cat, Waverly, crouched high up in the Maple tree
Surveying his territ’ry
Guarding his property
Captain of the Backyard, fencepost to fencepost
Chief of the Garden Spot, vegetables to compost

This cat, Waverly,  skulks warily amongst the leaves
Savoring the sweet thrill
Of planning his next kill
Victor of the Challenge, mouse, mole, bird and vole
Baron of the Mighty Land, valley, stream, hill and knoll

I am Waverly, roaring for the world to see
Sharp’ning my fatal claws
Flexing my savage jaw
King of the Jungle, disdainful, arrogant
Prince of the Pride, strengthened, belligerent

He is Waverly, terror of the earth, you see
All must run in fear
Beaver, badger, moose and deer
Lord of the Kingdom, quake in fear all nations
God of the Universe, Master of Creation . . .

“Waverly, you silly kitten. What are you doing up there? Come on down and get your dinner. ”


I wrote this poem two years ago, inspired by my kitten, Peaches. She passed away this summer. I miss her terribly.

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7 Responses to A Poem

  1. glorylennon says:

    Too cute! Loved it! LOL

  2. Awww! What else is there to say? Sorry about Peaches. It never gets easier.


  3. Lisa says:

    I knew that was Peaches when I saw the picture!!
    She was an adorable kitten!! And a pretty adult.
    It is so hard to lose a pet. And decide if you want to go through more heartache by “replacing” it. I think the joy in the course outweighs the sorrow at the end. Usually. I’ve had some wonderful pets and within 2 seconds of thinking of them could lapse into tears thinking about them now, they were so great.
    Can’t wait for Heaven when we see them again and no one ever dies!!! And anyone who doesn’t believe we’ll see our pets in Heaven, don’t mess with me! Who was it that said if his dog wasn’t in Heaven he didn’t want to go? John Wayne or someone.
    Blessings, Julie, my cat loving friend.

  4. Debbie says:

    Loved it!

  5. Cylly says:

    That is a wonderful poem! It captures the essence of cat-ness from their point of view surveying their kingdom.
    Peaches was such a precious lil kitty! I will always think of her in a tissue box.

  6. Cylly says:

    (not to dwell on loss, but I thought of something else)
    When my cat Pepsi disappeared I jotted down notes of everything I could think of that was connected to her (nicknames, her habits and idiosyncrasies, favorite places to nap, etc) so I wouldn’t forget a thing! It was therapeutic for me plus I love that I have all those detailed memories of her. Ok now I’ve worked myself up to crying. Sigh. But it is nice to be distracted with a new pet (despite protesting that it will *never* replace the lost pet)!

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