Northside blues, er, greens

Anybody else grow a forest of moss on the north side of their home. Well, we sure did! So I suited up, gloved up, got my cleaner in one hand and my scrub brush in the other hand and the hose between my knees…. the primordial ooze began to encase our home.

See that window on the far right. I got about two square feet under that clean before tossing aside the implements and saying “the heck with this!” How I thought I was going to shimmy up the siding to get those high spots I have no idea.

So I went to Google and sought out a local home washing outfit.  I came across Grime Solutions. They got back to me with an email estimate in a few hours after I emailed them the above pic,  and scheduled me within the week. They showed up bright and early on Monday morning, and 2 guys spent 2 hours blasting away. We had 3 sides of the house cleaned (the south side had hardly anything on it.) So now we shine!

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9 Responses to Northside blues, er, greens

  1. Dan Shaw says:

    Why not paint the house green? LOLOLOL

  2. glorylennon says:

    Looks nice! Hope you still have a few cents left over.

  3. Moss on a house, who knew!


    • Julie Helms says: it that weird??

      • Fran Kocher says:

        Not weird…Have you noticed our garage lately? The lovely green moss on the dark cedar siding is a delight to the guy that owns it!! Me, not so much! We get it on our side porch and along the stairway to the patio. Also grows real well on our stone wall in back!

  4. To keep this from coming back anytime soon get some Bio Barrier. It inhibits mold regrowth for 12-18 months. You only have to coat the sides that get the mold and algea (For you three sides) A single gallon should do you fine.

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