Cat Bridge

This is the newest member of our family, Benji. He is helping me blog. Please notice that there is nothing but thin air under his tummy. His back end is on the side table and his paws are on the arm of my chair. He is comfortably lying down and purring! When I ignored him, he would reach out and touch my arm. Blogger Buddy Benji.

Poor cat. Every single picture I have of him is a bright white flash in the front. Even messing with picture I can't tone down that flashy white mouth and bib!

(Afternote) Benji weighs 22 lbs which helps one realize how impressive this feat is!

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12 Responses to Cat Bridge

  1. glorylennon says:

    He knows how much encouragement you need to continue blogging. Good Kitty!

  2. Carla says:

    Very cute! Cat’s do take on the strangest positions sometimes don’t they?

  3. Kitt says:

    Cutie! We have a big boy cat, too, but I don’t think he could perch like that. I call him the overflowing loaf.

  4. mybabyjohn says:

    He’s a beauty and how nice to have blogging company that doesn’t distract you with conversation, just lovely purrs.

  5. Cylly says:

    And I thought my 19# cat was a big boy! We housesat for a big black cat we called Bagheera. He was the biggest boned cat I have ever seen. He stood almost to my knees. No idea how much he weighed but he made my cat look petite! But he was a gentle giant.
    I love Benji’s tuxedo front with his white whiskers!

  6. Gracie likes him 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    He is very pretty. Is he better now?

    • Julie Helms says:

      No, Benji is on borrowed time. We tried to reduce his steroids and he crashed. So he has to stay on them for the rest of his life, which will begin to affect his organs because it is such a high dose. We are enjoying our time with him.

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