Chicken Naming Challenge

I would very much like some help naming my two roosters.

By way of information, they are White Orpingtons, hatched March 30 this year (see here for their baby pics) in our home, and for my non-farmy friends, roosters are boys. They look pretty similar but one has a slightly larger, arching tail feather than the other.

I have run a few names through my head but nothing moved me to actually remember it till the next day. So can you help me with some suggestions for these two gentlemen?

Some more pics to help you think…

The roos are the one in the front and second from the left in back. If you look carefully, the one in the back has an arching tail feather whereas the one in front has a straight one. So they can be told apart, at least for now.

This is actually a hen, but I thought it was cute.

Feel free to offer any suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

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25 Responses to Chicken Naming Challenge

  1. glorylennon says:

    You’re going to think me nuts but I’m thinking Cockle for curving tail feather boy and Doodle for the straight tail one.

  2. Jan Morrison says:

    Hi – can’t help you as I need to name my own roo first. We wait to name the birds until we know who the boys are, as all the boys but one must go. I found actual real homes for four of the five and we kept a most handsome Black Australorp. We’re being careful naming them because we had one we called John Wayne and let’s just say he had to go to Kenmore Camp for bad behaviour! Is that a broken shell I see on your lawn? We have most of the six goils named – The Hammer, Beauty, Crow, Betsy – with two left to name. Their names will be revealed. My link on my name will take you to my writing site but look in my sidebar for Living the Complicated Simple Life – it is more about chooks, knitting, eating and so on! Nice to meet you and whazzinames? How about Buddy and Banjo? Those just came to me! Are you really keeping TWO roosters. Brave wah? Jan Morrison

  3. Lisa says:

    Diller and Dollar, Flip and Floof, Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb, Foghorn and Leghorn, Pepper and Paprika, Hunt and Peck? Oh I am not too creative anymore these days…
    Then there is Bob and Joe or Steve and Jimmy (aren’t my kids creative…)
    So do you have 2 or 3 roosters now? How many can you have without problem? Will you keep them? I think this is a good time for you to educate us suburban folk on rooster ownership…I thought you should only have 1.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Lisa, We found homes for 3 and are keeping the last two. To answer your question about how many is right, it really varies. I have had as many as 3 but that was with 30-40 hens. We only have 6 hens so 1 is probably the best. But these two were raised together so I am hoping they will get along. When we had 5 a few months ago there was fighting. So far so good. Next we have to see if they “bother” the hens too much. Usually one will dominate and the other will not be allowed to mate and the hens will be fine. If both mate with the hens it will be too much and one will have to go. So it is wait and see…

  4. Dan Shaw says:

    sledge and hammer
    kick and balls
    simon and schuster
    home and school
    levi and strauss
    farm and tool

  5. lissa says:

    Red or Robert – that is all I can think of. no clue why Robert, the name just came to me.

    have a lovely day.

  6. Cockle and Doodle … lol. How about Frick and Frack?

  7. … or how about Simon and Garfunkel? Sorry about the double post, this just came to me.

  8. Stan Short says:

    Having named one of the original 5 Roos, Col Mick Nugget, my suggestion will of course be:

    Col Sanders
    Kenny Rogers

  9. Julie Helms says:

    Wow folks, Thanks! There is a great variety here.
    @Lisa, you really want my manly rooster walking around named Floof? I think he will be clucked at by the hens!
    @Dan, Balls????? You want me to name the rooster that. So when I have a bunch of kids at my store and want to show them my roosters, I need to scream “B-AAAA-LLLLL-SSS” across the yard to get them to come running! Lol!

    All of these will be taken under committee consideration and more suggestions are welcome!!

    Thanks to the NaBloWriMo participants for visiting for the first time! 🙂

  10. Cylly says:

    My creativity is slow today. However, pf the above named, my faves are:
    Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb (we had a series of black cats named Pepsi, Coke & Moxie)
    Foghorn and Leghorn
    Levi and Straus
    My only aditional suggestion would be Abercrombie & Fitch
    But then screaming “fitch” may not send the right message … I retract that suggestion!!

  11. Kitt says:

    Basil and Beauregard. (Basil with a longer “a,” rhymes with “frazzle”).

    Love chickens, but I’ll stick with bees. Lower maintenance!

  12. Sue Martin says:

    Snowman and Snowbird
    Avalanche and Blizzard
    Can you tell I’ve been freezing all day since the weather changed?:)

  13. Linda Galasschroeder says:

    Elvis and James Dean

  14. Debbie says:

    Eli and Peyton… that is my 2 Cents. No issues with kids there. Heh. Bob and Ray, or Mutt and Joe. Names to ponder. Eggsultations to you!!! 🙂

  15. Laura says:

    How about PotPie and Survivor?

  16. Archie and Arrow would cock-a-doodle-doo00000 as names for these two……….? RThey’re excellent birds!

  17. The only name I could think of is Cowboy. I had a ram I named Cowboy a few years ago, for some reason it just suits certain farm critters!

  18. Laura says:

    Roger and Wilko….

  19. Mandy says:

    I’ve probably been watching too much MASH, but the dude in the back of the picture on the bottom…


    …the dude in the front of the picture on the bottom…


  20. Morgan says:

    Well, we just got 17 hens and 2 roosters. Have only named the main roo, Gregory Peck. Have also named their palace, Coop de Villeligh. I like the idea of movie star names, but am waiting to see what personalities come forth as they settle in. We know nothing of raising chickens, but I’m doing some research. The guys seem to be getting along so far. Fingers crossed.

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