It’s a bit of a warm, gloomy day today, but Farmer Dave picked up the hay for the winter, so it was a good day!

Whisper on board

Our normal supplier of awesome hay couldn’t help us this year so we had to search around. This was the best we found. It’s ok, but a little stemmier than we like. It’s orchard grass and timothy. It is much greener in real life than it shows in the pics.  Going price this year is $3.50 per bale. We use 40-50 bales per winter.

Everybody was excited and looking on…


Just for fun Before and After

AFTER (Rooster is 5 months old now–nice comb!)

BEFORE (5 months ago-one day old)

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12 Responses to HayDay!

  1. glorylennon says:

    I thought you had more than enough of your own hay. Goodness, what a difference 5 months can make!

  2. Julie Helms says:

    We do–probably 5x what we need, but without the equipment to bale it, it goes to waste. I’m looking for a farmer willing to do it. But farmers are becoming extinct quickly.

  3. Dan Shaw says:

    I wish I had the acreage and storage space for that much hay. I’m jealous!!!

  4. I am not a fan of roosters, but that one looks good. I hope you will have peeps again next year. My favorite pic is the first one of course 😉

  5. Lisa says:

    Those pictures are so great; so idyllic!

  6. Hah! We had free ranging chickens when I was small, so know all about the poop. And mean roosters. Miss the chicks, not the poop.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Mean roosters are not allowed to live here. Can’t have them because of the business on our property. But, alas, the poop is another story. I tried banishing it once, but it just keeps happening….

  7. I think everybody likes sweet-smelling hay. No wonder, it’s good stuff! My Arabian filly always paid a lot of attention and inspected the hay bales as we put them in the hay storage building, swiping a taste or two at every chance. If one of the huge round bales (800 lbs) didn’t meet her expectations, she would not touch it, simple as that. We don’t give animals enough credit….

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