Before and After (pics)

Here are some Before and After pictures of my critters, or “Where are they Now”!  It’s been three months and babies change a lot in that time.


Here are the day-old chicks from the incubator hatched in late March. Turns out they are ALL boys.  What are the odds?

Well, they are still best buds…

This little brown gal (our only girl) was from a friend’s egg. She is a mixture of a bantam rooster and a standard Araucana hen. She may lay green eggs when she starts. She ended up staying with us. She is very timid and docile, and rarely leaves the coop.

Here she is now, about 2/3 the size of my White Orpingtons.

We need a name for this gal.


We start with with Frank and Fern. Remember Batboy?

This is Frank with the cute ears. He ended up with a furry face.

This is the twin Fern (Fernandez) who has a clean face. They are very easy to tell apart.

Frank and Fern in profile.

Next is Ellie’s lamb Felicia:

Day-old Felicia in the feed bowl.

Felicia grazing.

Felicia has her coat on now to protect her wool for shearing.

Just some other pics from around Wooly Acres…

Cheerios. We traded Trevor to the neighbor for Cheerios. She is super cute!

Toffee up close and personal

Poptart keeps the Mulberry tree trimmed!


Toffee in the setting sun.

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10 Responses to Before and After (pics)

  1. Trish says:

    Cheerio is so CUTE! And all your own chicks were roos. How odd!

  2. Dan says:

    The picture of Poptart is hilarious. If you could only teach your goats to be selective eaters then you could rent them out to Glory to help her weeding.

  3. Dan says:

    I just remembered my grandfather had a goat that would jump up on the dog house, then jump from there to the top of the shed and then on up to the roof of our house. The first time we saw this was coming home from church one Sunday. Our first clue was as we approached the house we had 3 or four of our neighbors parked in front of our house looking at the roof.

  4. Glory Lennon says:

    Julie, I think you should name that odd chicken Copper. Love the colors on her! I adore Batboy! He’s still a cutie to me. Is it okay to have more than one Rooster? Are they not territorial?

    Well, Dan, that must have been a mountain goat you had! Really like your idea of the weed eating machine like a goat but training them to know a lilac from a weed like wormwood which is taking over the back 40, would be a tad more difficult than teaching the same to Tom!

  5. Julie Helms says:

    @Trish, it’s something about my incubator. The boy/girl ratio always skews to the boys! I don’t know why but I wish it didn’t! Now I have to wait for one of these to get old enough to fertilize the eggs to try another batch. (We dispatched the old rooster because he was NASTY).
    @Dan, funny story about the goat on the roof. I CAN see a goat doing that. I can’t imagine it’s real good for the roofing shingles!
    @Glory,I love the name Copper. I’ll run it by the family! We are going to try and keep 2 roos. We already gave away one and have 3 left to find homes or dinner plates for. They are already sparring so it’s going to get ugly soon.

  6. All boys on the chicks? Oh man. You have my permission to dispatch of them. I always was chased by our mean roosters as a child, they even jumped up on my back. Beaks and talons hurt!

    Ah,and who can forget the drama about Felicia?

    We need more peeps hoping for girls!

  7. Stan says:

    Col Mick Nugget eats cat treats (that the cats didn’t like) from my fingers. His aim is not real good… but he tries. He is one of the funniest of any chicken I have ever raised. He runs across the driveway like it’s I-83. He hunts bugs all day long, and I think Lynn and I saw him destroy a cicada this weekend. I’m not sure that is what it was, by the time I saw some of it I could only tell basic size.

    We picked the right one. He is too funny for a crock pot.

  8. Laura says:

    I like Frank’s ears.

  9. Beautiful birds! Before and after pics are a great idea. “Copper” would be a good name, but I always resisted naming chickens because, alas, it’s tough to murder Genevieve….or Lucy
    Your sheep and goats are beauties. It almost made me want to get some more, until I saw your goat pruning your tree–they can be terribly destructive to young apple trees, as we found out much too late…….. “: )

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