Guest Post: Dan (final)

The Flock is In or as I am more accustomed to, The Fleet is In.  They arrived last night and got moved to their new home in a thunderstorm.

There was a great controversy at our place.  Beth and Laurie wanted to give them all names and of course I couldn’t give something a name I plan on eating someday.  So Laurie came up with the Brady Bunch and I can live with that.

Their first night found the rooster and his two girls on the top roost.  The rest of the rejects were on the middle roost.

In the morning every time the rooster would crow the dog would bark till I went out there and told her NO, Bad Dog and she hasn’t barked since.  You are not going to believe this but they would not leave the coop.  They would go to the door and look out and go back in.  I removed the ramp from the doorway and they couldn’t get out fast enough.  They were afraid of the ramp.  So I built two steps so they can hop up to the door and hop back down without falling gracefully the 3 feet to the ground.  Of course we all know they don’t fall gracefully.  They kinda remind me of the Mourning Doves we have in abundance around here.  They kind of crash land on the ground and then will walk all the way across the yard to get under the bird feeder.

As far as the dog and the chickens go they get along great.  The dog follows them around outside the pen till she gets bored and then takes her a nap on the porch.

During the day today we have been given 6 eggs.   We figured they might not lay today because of the shock of moving but that was stupid thinking cause the eggs were started yesterday and regardless of the circumstances when they are ready to lay they lay.  One of the eggs was cracked and we noticed that in the boxes they had moved the hay around till there was bare wood.  Two of the eggs were laid on the floor under the nesting boxes.  We are going to put some Astro Turf in each box and in 3 of the boxes put a little straw around on top.

In the photo below you can see how we rerouted the dog run all the way around the coop.

Still to do is put chicken wire on the inside of the mulch bins and build a ramp on either side of the walkway from the deck to the coop.

We don’t have to worry about dust baths.  Underneath the shed it never gets wet so the ground there is dry and dusty to start with.  I’ve seen them all fluffed out laying flat on the ground under there.  I’ll throw some of the Diatomaceous Dirt around under there.

This concludes my guest blogger series.  I’ve appreciated all the comments and feedback.


Dan Shaw, future chicken farmer and entrepreneur. 

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6 Responses to Guest Post: Dan (final)

  1. Julie Helms says:

    My chickens seem to prefer the hard wood for laying sometimes too. Once we had a hen begin laying all her eggs in Dave’s workshop area in a box of NAILS! Your place looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Feel free to send along updates any time!

  2. Glory Lennon says:

    Dan, it looks pretty nifty and you have one colorful flock there! How nice to have your first eggs so soon after getting them settled. Congratulations!

  3. Laura says:

    It looks really wonderful – and I love the chickens all differing! But of course, you do have to name them; it’s only right. I love that the dog run goes all the way around the coop – that should discourage foxes and fishers!! Well done!

  4. Cylly says:

    Yay!! What an accomplishment! I’m sure the chooks will love their beautiful and sturdy palace and feel very safe with their doggie moat. Congrats!

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks everyone, it’s been the start of an adventure. Laurie and I (Laurie is Beth’s sister who lives with us) feel we need to learn how to meow and cluck like a hen so Beth will pay attention to us. Their eggs are all so little, about 3/4 the size of a regular egg. But I understand that is normal with young layers. So far they have produced 32 eggs in 9 days so some of the ladies own me some eggs. Of course we just had a full moon and the rooster went crazy for a day.

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