Sarah graduates!

Tonight we attended Sarah’s graduation from high school. She attended Commonwealth Connections Academy, a charter cyberschool, where she graduated with High Honors!

We started the evening at Mikados, a Japanese restaurant where they cook the meal in front of you. We had an animated chef who liked to play with fire.

Nonny and Papa joined us there.

Travis and Cassie

Travis admires the fire. It is an onion volcano.

The food was delicious!

Then things spiral out of control.

Then off to the Scottish Rite Temple in Harrisburg where Sarah graduated. See her pretty gold medallion for High Honors?

Her mommy and daddy gave her pretty flowers.

Then we went to Nonny and Papa's house where they had an ice cream cake that Nonny decorated special!

My little girl--all grown up!

Her plans are to go off to Millersville University in the fall where she will pursue mathematics education (to become a high school math teacher).

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7 Responses to Sarah graduates!

  1. Jamie Gregory says:

    WhooHoo, Sarah! Congratulations!!! We are so proud of you!!! Looks like a wonderful evening! Prayers for you as you continue this journey of your life! May you always seek God for every step! Maybe you can come over here and tutor us in math, we stink!! LOL! Love and miss you guys!!! Huge hugs, love and prayers, The Gregorys, Edgar, Jamie, Zack, Katie, Hannah and Caleb

  2. Debbie says:

    What a great accomplishment! She grew up so fast. 🙂

  3. Dan says:

    Congratulations to Sarah and everyone!!! Makes me feel old cause it caused me to remember my daughter graduated high school, gosh, has it been 10 years already? If I think back to my own high school days, let’s just say being a Hippy was in vogue and Disco was still 10 years in the future.

    Good luck in college, I’ll know you will do well, as you did in high school. Math is a wonderful subject. It’s all so logical and builds upon basic principals.

  4. Trish says:

    Wow! With HIGH honors! Great job! Very impressive. Now I can brag!!

  5. Cylly says:

    Go Sarah!! Go Sarah!! Yayyyyy!!
    Good choice of restaurant: onion volcanoes are cool and yummy. 🙂

  6. Glory Lennon says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! The flowers are very pretty but I love Papa’s balloon hat!

  7. Fran Kocher says:

    Thanks for the fotos. You look VERY happy in your cap and gown! And yes, the high honors medal is worth bragging about!!!! Very proud of you, Sarah. See you soon.

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