Garden Diary 5/12/11

There is not so much blooming now, but new things continue to surprise and delight! I have most of my planting done– the hanging baskets, flower planters, tomatoes and beans. I also got a grape plant that is planted and bursting forth in leaf.  Now about the weeding, not so good….

75° and sunny– beautiful day and beautiful week.

Lily of the Valley-- Sweet little flowers with a big fragrance

White bleeding heart. This plant has struggled a bit next to the behemoth pink one. I'm guessing the white is a bit less hardy.

A water iris in the pond. This is the first to bloom, a bunch more are just about to pop. That's dogwood surrounding it.

Clematis on the Glory Gazebo. We planted this last year so it is doing very well. We are hoping that between this plant and the three trumpet vines on the other corners that we will get a decent canopy to sit under. The real canopy shredded quickly on our windy ridge and we realized that wasn't going to work.

Clematis close up. I don't know what kind this is...any guesses?

One of the hanging baskets I planted. I just love these smaller petunias. They should fill in nicely in a few weeks.

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6 Responses to Garden Diary 5/12/11

  1. Dan says:

    The only flower I remember noticing growing up was the tons of Lily of the Valleys that surrounded a built in bench between two trees in our back yard. I would lay on that bench and read because it was cool under the trees and smelled good. (you would never have gotten me to admit that when I was growing up though. Boy’s didn’t “notice” flowers.

  2. Glory Lennon says:

    Sorry, Julie, I looked in my reliable sources but I didn’t see your particular Clematis. The 4-petaled ones are more rare to buy, but it is pretty! If you want a really vigorous growing vine I have some Hops for you. It grows about a half foot a day! It would go along with the Wisteria.

    • Dan says:

      Let me send some of my Kudzu. It can grow 1-3 feet a day and the little pink flowers are kind of pretty. Of course you may never be able to get rid of it and once it covers you house, barn and store you might be a little upset.

      • Julie Helms says:

        Yes, if I planted kudzu then I would have to cut out a hole everyday to enter the gazebo! Actually I am not sure it can successfully be grown here–too cold in the winter?

  3. Trish says:

    At first I thought the clematis was Nelly Moser. I looked up 4 petal clematis. Not much there. Whatever you have, it is stupendous to me that you plant things down there in PA and they become instant GIANTS! It takes years and years to get anything looking like that up here.
    Maybe an early blooming Fragrant Spring, but that is a small flower and these look large. Margaret Hunt has four to six petal pink flowers. It really looks like an anemic Tango.

    • Julie Helms says:

      It doesn’t look like the Margaret Hunt I saw on Google Images. I did see some exact pictures of it and it is only listed as “pink clematis”. The plant was here when we moved in. We’ve been ripping it out for years and it keeps coming back (the original plant is in what is now our vegetable garden and it grows about 10 feet every year being a pain eventhough we rip out as much root as we can) So we have transplanted it a few different places.

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