Garden Diary 5/6/11

There was lots and lots and lots of rain this past week or two. Combined with our mower being in the repair shop Wooly Acres is looking a bit like a jungle.  Today is sunny, with some high, hazy clouds, 68°. It is a perfect day for taking pictures outside and working in the garden!

Virginia Bluebells. They are such a lovely blue/pink but the color was impossible to catch on camera.

Comparing Maples

This is a Red Maple (or Swamp Maple), covered with a gazillion keys (whirlygigs).

Norway Maple, red sport. This tree is very slow growing, no keys.

Sugar Maple. Very slow growing, 4' high tree, gift from Trish in New England! My absolute favorite tree but it just doesn't love Pennsylvania. Quintessential fall foliage.

Strawberries blooming

The front walk garden is beginning to fill in. Hosta (regular and giant), japonica, daylillies. Too small to see yet: coneflower, rudbeckia, dianthus, shasta daisies and something I think is Russian sage.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit being overtaken by an enthusiatic Bleeding Heart

Weed of the Week…

Wild Honeysuckle. This bush is about 7' high. It is growing in a rose garden we haven't quite finished dismantling yet. It isn't an ugly weed but it just spreads like crazy and grows quite large.

What I’ve been up to…

Went to my favorite garden center yesterday and got some annuals for containers and to make hanging baskets. Also bought a few tomatoes and the acidifier pictured. We are going to attempt blueberries bushes. They may not be successful here but Henry Fields was *practically* giving them away so what was I supposed to do???

Starting some container gardens of impatiens over in front of my store.

Planted half a dozen tomatoes. These are Big Beef, and I also got a new one called Fourth of July. It supposedly has ripened fruit in 44 days (by the 4th of July!) and I am a sucker for a homegrown tomato ASAP so I thought I would try it. I will also be seeding my own Brandywine and Roma. We always have cherry tomatoes, too, as they reseed themselves every year. I actually have to weed them out they grow so well.

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7 Responses to Garden Diary 5/6/11

  1. Lisa says:

    Speaking of maples, we would plant a tree in our yard each time we had a child. One year as we were talking about one of the kids’ trees, my mother in law, who is quite plant and tree id savvy said, “I never heard of a ‘Dakota’ Maple!”
    Very nice pictures, Julie! I love Jack in the Pulpits…

  2. Trish says:

    Very envious! Weeding cherry tomatoes is a sin!!!

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    Lovely photos, Julie. I can’t believe you have trouble growing a sugar maple. And slow??? gosh, no! they usually are one of the faster growing trees around. Could it be they prefer mountain air?

  4. Debbie says:

    LOVE the pics and am soooo happy that Spring has finally Sprung!

    I was just in AZ and was blessed to be there when the Dessert was in bloom! Yucca, Palo Verde, Prickly Pear, and even the Saguaro Cacti were starting to add budding fingers to their majestic arms. Plus, the Orange and Lemon trees were in full fruit (my Aunt’s oranges were BLISS and the lemons were AMAZING!). When I arrived back to NH, 15 days later, I was overjoyed to see the trees’ buds had blossomed to leaves, the grassy areas were actually green and lush, and my Mom’s garden had Tulips and blooming/flowering things that I have no idea what they are, but are really lovely. The overall picture of Green and Flowery in New England was delightful!

    Yay Spring! 🙂

    • Julie Helms says:

      @ Lisa, that is a nice tradition. My grandfather planted a palm tree in Florida for each of his daughters. We never stayed in one place long enough to make that work.

      @Trish, I used to think there was no such thing as too many cherry tomatoes… but one will get sick of them eventually!

      @ Glory, then I have mis-spoke–just SC PA doesn’t like Sugar Maples! I have planted four now over the years and they are all shorter than me. Each year one or two of them dies back. We just can’t seem to get them going. I’m sure your altitude must please them!

      @Debbie, how beautiful your trip to AZ sounds. I’m sure you took many pictures to share??

  5. we are so far behind this year, the grass is only just getting green, tulips are only 2 inches above ground.. it would be so nice to have flowers!

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