Guest Post: Dan (part 5)

Week 5   Moving Along

This week I’ve managed to get the fencing put up around the chicken yard.  I used welded wire over regular chicken wire.  I had to use welded wire cause Termite loves to put her paws on fencing to stand up to look and she would destroy the regular chicken wire.

I did bury the fencing a foot into the ground and at the bottom of the ditch a layer of  bricks.  I know Termite will protect the chickens but since I had to dig a ditch to get the fencing straight I decided to go the extra depth since I already had a ditch going.

I need to now go around the base of the shed and put in fencing, then I can get started on the coop itself.

Have a great Easter and look for the EASTER EGGS.  (what does the bunny rabbit have to do with Easter?)

Till next week.


Contributed by Dan Shaw. Check out his website   where there is an Ornamental Eggs – Printable Coloring & Crafts Pages ebook and a Kids Party The Best Surprise Easter For Your Kids ebook FREE.

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4 Responses to Guest Post: Dan (part 5)

  1. Cylly says:

    Great picture & progress on the chicken palace!

    • Dan says:

      Thanks. You want to know what was really hard this morning? We eating the hard boiled Easter Eggs and thinking they could have been live chicks adding to my flock to be. Of course it didn’t stop me from peeling the egg and eating it though.

  2. Glory Lennon says:

    It does look good. It will be even better when there are chicken in there. Can’t wait!

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