Garden Diary 4/20/11

I have decided to keep tabs on what blooms when on the property… a gardening journal or diary of sorts. This will be of limited interest to others but I have been meaning to do this for years in a written journal. Blogging it will be so  much better because of the photos! That way, in February when I am sure winter will never end I can look back and say…Spring will come!  I wish I had started last month, but will go with what we have…

Today is April 20, 2011. It is very warm- 65° and humid. It is forecast to be 77° for a high. Hazy and very overcast.

In bloom:

Pieris Japonica and bee. This has been in bloom for awhile now.

Violas bought from Ashcombs a few weeks ago. First time trying them in a strawberry planter. So far the chickens havent discovered them. I may have to put them up high if they discover how tasty violets are.

Daffies are passing now.

Grape Hyacinth. Im thinking this garden (around the pond) needs some serious weeding...

Tulips. These are about the only ones on the property. They must get eaten in the winter. Also had a poor showing from the crocuses. They are all passed now.

Wild violets

Dandelions began popping up about a week ago. We mowed the lawn for the first time on April 16. Small flower at bottom of picture-unknown.

Leafing out:

Burning Bush had little flowers that have passed now. Starting to leaf.

Catnip in a container overwintered well next to the porch.


Pink Bleeding Heart. There is a white one next to it that is a good deal farther behind. Not sure if that is normal or if it is because the chickens overscratched it.

Strawberries. These guys have been plugging away in this container for about 5 years now. They dont seem to make much progress but I do get more berries each year.

Hosta. These are in nearly full shade. The non-variegated are up. The variegated to the left of it is barely poking through. See next pic for variegated in full sun.

Same type of variegated Hosta, but in the sun. This is one clump--I think it may need to be divided again!

Also in bloom ‘around town’ are the Bradford Pears, Magnolias, Weeping Cherries and Phlox.  We have seen the return of bluebirds, robins, tree swallows, barn swallows, cardinals and mockingbirds. Also coming to the feeder are mourning doves, house finches, chipping sparrows, starlings, grackles.  Wish list: I really want to see a chickadee!

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3 Responses to Garden Diary 4/20/11

  1. Dan says:

    In NC we are ahead of you in the plant growing year. We are looking forward to the first hummingbirds showing up. We know summer is starting up when the Kudzu starts showing green since Kudzu doesn’t like cool weather much. We are actually going to try and eat some Kudzu to see how it tastes this year. I had to laugh at your strawberry pot. Ours looks just like yours but our berries get eaten by the rabbits before we ever get to them. Since we only get a dozen berries or so at a time we kind of let them get eaten. In our potted garden where we do all our herbs our chives came back strong and have flowers on them already.

    We came up with a good idea to grow some climbing vines several years ago. (Honeysuckle and such) What we did was stick two 4x4s in the ground and between them we screwed on lattice panels. We then boxed in around the base and planted our vines. We have pink and white honeysuckle and over the past two years the pink honeysuckle has outdone the white.

  2. Cylly says:

    And up in New England we are excited to see the snow disappear and our crocuses finally bloom! We are quite a ways behind. Your post makes me yearn for the growing season to kick into gear. I can’t wait for May …

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