Guest Post: Dan (part 4)

Week 4 – Has It Really Been a Month?

I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to get this chicken coop up and running.  Well at my age I’m lucky to remember what it is I’m attempting to accomplish.

The photos I’ve provided today are not for the faint at heart.  If you’re squeamish then you might want to skip the rest of this post.  I have to provide full disclosure here.  I am a pack rat.  I’ve never met a piece of junk I wanted to throw away, always figuring I could use it later.  Some of that goes back to our (Beth and I) crafting days.


First the good news!  We decided to take Termite (our mutt) to a friend’s house to see how she would get along with the chickens that free range there.  When she spied the chickens, she took off barking and my heart jumped into my throat figuring she was going to kill one.  As she got close she stopped barking, slowed to a walk and walked up to one of the little ladies.  She started to get a little too close just sniffing around and the little lady pecked her hard on the nose.  Well my fierce protector yelped and took off running.  The rest of the time she would approach and lay down and just watched them.  When I went to pick up one of the hens she growled till I left it alone.  The only thing she has growled at me before was when I tried to take a slice of pizza from her.  When it was time to go she didn’t want to leave.  So I guess I have to be afraid of my own dog if I want to handle chickens around her.

I got the bright idea to use underneath the shed the coop will be located in to provide extra space for their run.  It would be always in the shade and out of the rain and snow. Of course that brings us back to me being a packrat.  There was a ton of scrap wood and other things under the shed.  As you can see from the photos below there was a ton of stuff.  The first photo is stuff ready to be loaded to go to the dump.  The last two photos show the stuff still around the shed and underneath.

  • Ready for the dump

Still left to clean up

Under the shed

Back to the good news!  I don’t have to worry about going too deep with extending the fencing underground.  I can simply run the dog’s yard around the whole shed and chicken yard.  She is not afraid of the foxes.  I’ve seen her in a tussle with one and she ran it off.  In fact, I’ve never seen one the foxes in the yard.  I’ve seen them at the edge of the kudzu but as soon as they attempt to enter the yard she starts barking and they take off.

The dog yard

One final thing.  If you read my last post you know my Kindle blew up.  Well Beth was tired of hearing me whine about not having my Kindle anymore and let me get a new one.  Well, when bad luck is around it doesn’t want to leave.  Now our Directv receiver (with TIVO) blew up and we will have to replace that.  We had to watch American Idol live last night and it really stinks having to watch commercials that last 5 minutes and not being able to fast forward through Iggy’s performance.

Well, till next week.


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4 Responses to Guest Post: Dan (part 4)

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    So, there’s someone else just like my Tommy. He saves everything too, sometimes for decades before he finds a use for the stuff. Good that you have a chicken protector and she’s cute too!

    • Dan says:

      There is nothing worse then getting rid of something and then having to replace it later. Our dog is very strange. Outside she has never met another person she liked. She is quite fierce. If we let her in the house and introduce her to a stranger she is all loopy eyed and acts like they have been best friends forever. Take her to the vet and she ignores everyone.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Dan,
    Although I am faint of heart, I managed to get through the post. Since my craft room is under consideration for an appearance on “Hoarding, Buried Alive,” I’m getting tougher.

    Sounds like Termite is a great dog. I’d be willing to bet that when you are holding the chickens, she is growling at them, not you. After all, they pecked her on the nose and she is warning them not to do it to you! When you introduce her to your own chickens, just make sure she knows they are yours, under your protection, (watch the Dog Whisperer) and she will be their protector and not the enemy. What a brave fox to get into a tussle with her.

    This is going to be a chicken palace!

    • Dan says:

      We haven’t even discussed the inside of that shed. We love to vacation on the Outer Banks of NC in the off season. (Cheaper to rent a house then) Our favorite thing to do is to walk the miles of the National Park and pick up things the ocean has left behind for us. When we going strong in our crafting business we would bring tons of stuff home and then use them to make crafts. Things like table lamps from drift wood decorated with ocean stuff. Beth is the painter in the family and get extremely good at painting pelicans. So anyway our shed is full of driftwood, shells and crafting supplies. All that will need to be gone through, organized to fit on one end of the shed so we can use half of it to build the coop in.

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