Twins dried off…

The twins are doing well. They are nursing and very social.  Toffee is remarkably tolerant of us messing with them–just a good mama all around!

PopTart and Trevor

PopTart has a strange horizontal fold in the bottom of both ears. They can’t be unfolded…it’s like there isn’t enough skin.

The bottom inch of ear is like a pants cuff.

Toffee is fairly engorged but they are latching on well.

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10 Responses to Twins dried off…

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    How sweet! They’re adorable. The ears don’t hurt PopTart, I hope?

  2. Dan says:

    TOO CUTE! Baby chicks, baby goats, baby lambs. There is too much begotten going on.

  3. Dan says:

    That is too funny. About a month ago I told the Pastor’s wife she looked real nice one Sunday. When I got a strange look from a lady that was standing next to me I went on to explain that I was tired of being politically correct and felt that anyone deserved a compliment should get it. Well the Pastor preached on that very subject the following Sunday. He did mention my name as the inspiration and I am sure glad it wasn’t my turn to go to church that week. My wife had to try to hide beneath the pew when everyone turned around to look at her.

  4. Lisa says:

    So Sweet! They are soooo pretty! How much (approx) do they weigh? It is hard to judge their size by the photos.

  5. Congrats!! Love the names! We often see goats for sale at the auctions we attend, so many neat colors, but alas our fencing would not hold them, so we have never bothered getting goats.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Funny thing about fencing goats… we took ours to the neighbors to be bred. They would jump his fence, run home and jump back in to our fencing. That’s when we realized our fencing was purely a suggestion!

      • Cylly says:

        Kinda like in VT the double yellow lines on the road are “courtesy” lines, so not illegal to pass on them. “Courtesy” fencing for goats??

        Thank you for posting “dry” pix. I love goaty-goats! I could just put PopTart in my pocket and bring her home. She could be house-trained and live with my kitties, right? JK!

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