In Memory of Evie

We lost our little Evie this afternoon to pneumonia. In hindsight we know now that she had the pneumonia a few days ago and that is why she miscarried her twins.  The vet gave a valiant effort late last night in treating her aggressively, but sheep are notoriously unlucky with pneumonia. She was 11 months old.

Evie. (Not a good time to realize I don't have any great pics of her)













We will be placing her fleece from this year (sheared in early March) into the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show in May.  I have high hopes for it because she may have one of the best fleeces on the farm. I think she will clearly beat her daddy who has been the Reserve Grand Champion of the show previously.

Evie has a beautiful, long staple of crimpy wool.

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12 Responses to In Memory of Evie

  1. Dan says:

    I was sad to hear of your loss. It’s always hard to lose a member of the family.

  2. Glory Lennon says:

    Oh, how sad! I’m so sorry. Life on a farm is so tough. 😦

    If you spin the wool, I could make you a memorial “Evie” throw, pillow, scarf or something so you’ll have her around forever.

  3. Trish says:

    SO not fair. I am so sorry. Her wool look so long…. and kinky. I think the sample Laura sent was Evie’s. We have been showing off to sheep friends.

  4. So sorry about the loss of Evie, I am amazed we have not had this in our sheep as this past year was horrific for weather – we would have one week of -39C and one week of -5C then back down to the very cold stuff, which is what often causes pneumonia

  5. Cylly says:

    So sorry to hear abt losing Evie, especially on top of losing her lambies! Was she a “double” Saxon? (I can’t remember what the correct phrase is for sheep.). Pictures are so important, sometimes we don’t realize until too late.

  6. Julie Helms says:

    Thank you everybody for the comments.
    @ Glory, thanks for the offer. Not sure what our plans are yet for her fleece, but your idea is very touching. 🙂
    @Brenda, we have had wild weather swings here too– 70 degrees like a summer day then snow, rain and windy cold.
    @Cylyn, Evie was daughter of Saxon and Brianna who are unrelated. Her babies would have been “double Saxons”.

    Discovering my lack of good photos of her has motivated me to take more– I love digital photography!

  7. Lindy says:

    sincerely sorry for your loss…animals are like family….not easy

  8. Lisa says:

    Your pictures of her are so cute. I am sorry you lost her and her babies!!! :,(

  9. Debbie says:

    Again, I am sooo sorry, first the twins, now Mom. It is so hard to lose a member of the Family. 🙂

  10. r.a. kukkee says:

    Julie, I am so sorry to hear about Evie. Having had a flock of sheep myself, I know how tough it is to lose one. Sometimes it can be very difficult, each one is so different in their own way, most people do not realize they have individual personalities.

  11. Linda Flaig Glasschroeder says:

    Julie, I am so sorry for your loss. You are having a tough couple of weeks. Hang in there.

  12. Julie Helms says:

    Thanks again everybody, for your sympathies. I like all the life on a farm but unfortunately death comes with it, too.

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