Cruelty of the Karakul Lamb Industry

This article is reprinted with permission from the blog BaaRamEweSheep by Brenda Nelson. This article is graphic and may not be appropriate for all readers, but I post it in an effort to educate against this sort of cruelty in the sheep industry.   –Julie

Karakul lambs are often harvested and slaughtered in a brutal manner – being killed just before they were due to be born. That is not the only cruel thing, killing a lamb at this stage means either the mother is killed before giving birth, or kicked repeatedly to induce an “abortion”.

Karakul lamb hides are also marketed as Persian Lamb, or broadtail. The term broadtail specifically refers to the pelt of a lamb harvested in such a way as mentioned, the other term for this is “Fetal-lamb”. If a lamb is born, and to be used in the fur industry it is killed before it is three days old. After that the fur is not as tight in the curls, and the color not as dark.  As the coat in the picture above has tight curls, but is not black – the coat was probably colored gray, or perhaps even sun bleached.

Although we cover issues of raising sheep, and lambs, and understand that many lambs go for slaughter to be consumed as food (either for humans or pets), they are at least given months to live, and their mothers not treated to such cruelty. We encourage people to avoid buying coats,or products, made from Karakul lambs.

More information and pictures can be seen here.

Note from Julie: Brenda has also alerted me to another hideous sheep industry practice called mulesing.  I cannot post it, it is so awful. I have to research it but I am hoping it is already illegal in this country.  I am providing a link here for those who may wish to learn about it but it is extremely graphic and cruel.  Mulesing
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7 Responses to Cruelty of the Karakul Lamb Industry

  1. Dan says:

    More than likely the people who wear these coats are totally unaware of how the wool is obtained. Those who practice this brutality have no sense so it wouldn’t hurt to kick them in the head till they understand what they do is cruel and inhumane.

    • Julie Helms says:

      As a former cruelty agent of an animal shelter I understand your sentiment here. I would feel like literally shaking some sense into people…..can’t you tell these creatures can FEEL this!!!

  2. Julie, thanks so much for spreading awareness.

    As for Mulesing – it is common in Australia only as it is the Merino breed of sheep this is done to. A FEW people do it in NZ and the site you have linked too shows where to write to protest this horrific cruelty.

  3. r.a. kukkee says:

    People that treat animals like this should not be allowed to raise or go near animals, period. The practice is barbaric, blatantly stupid, and incredibly cruel. Shame on THEM !

  4. Trish says:

    so sad that people feel need to do this at the cost of such pain.

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