This may look cozy but really it is a side-to-side shoving match.

Duncan is back home with us now, which means we have to acclimate the two rams to each other. He and Saxon need to establish dominance so that they can live in relative peace with each other. It is a tough process to watch. Duncan is Saxon’s son (and grandson, too).

What Saxon did to the metal gate last night trying to get to Duncan.

Saxon paws the ground and snorts like a bull.


When we first put them together yesterday, they would back up 10 feet and do the running head butt. The sound of skulls smashing together practically echoed off the hills. So for the night we separated them with a metal gate between them. Saxon actually did more damage to his head trying to get through that gate.

So today we locked them together in a small enclosure. This way they can work out their “issues” without being able to get the leverage to really hurt each other. Instead of smashing skulls they are having a shoving match or putting heads together and just pushing.

Attempting to butt heads, but really just pushing.

Eventually they will exhaust themselves and take their places in the order of things. I fully expect Saxon to come out on top but this will be tough for Duncan to accept as he has come from a farm where he was the top. Will let you know how it turns out!

Taking a break to get a mouthful of hay.

PS: Update…. it’s been about 5 hours since they have been together and they are now laying companionably next to each other. They got up when they saw me, took the leftover Subway snack I gave them and then lay back down.  It is done!

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10 Responses to Showdown!

  1. Dan says:

    You gotta love it, typical males. At least they don’t talk about each other behind their backs. Also since it’ didn’t get personal, they get along now like buddies.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Dan, I’m sensing you fully understand this behavior! It was funny because the wether (neutered), Colin, came over to see what was going on and he just seem to be saying, Why Can’t We Just All Get Along! Amazing the havoc a hormone can create.

  2. lindy seco says:

    whew more stressful on you than on them….

  3. Laura says:

    Well, I hope it truly is over. It’s hard to believe that two rams in the prime of life are going to settle down like that. I so hope you are right!

    • Julie Helms says:

      My understanding is that when they get separated again next breeding season and then brought back together, they will start from square one. Doesn’t seem very efficient to me, but then they never asked me!

  4. r.a. kukkee says:

    Julie, that is too funny. Boys will be boys…..Good thing yours don’t have horns, my ram used to have horns, and you would be surprised at how much damage they can do, they don’t call them” battering rams” for nothing. They back up, down goes the head, and …. Barn doors, pens, car doors, or competitor…. you name it….makes no difference to a ram…. “: )
    I enjoy your site !

    • Julie Helms says:

      Sir Raymond, Thank you!
      We have had worse rams in the past, though none with horns–can’t imagine dealing with that. For our first ram, my husband ended up building an enclosure out of 4x4s because he destroyed every wood wall and door in our barn. He was very dangerous. He went head on with our riding lawn mower once and moved it backwards a number of feet.
      Saxon here is nothing like that.

  5. Glory Lennon says:

    Ah, but the thing is, the time may come when there is a new buck in town…okay, Ram. Could be next season or ten seasons from now, but gosh-darn-it! They’re gonna try each and every one until…well… always! 😉

  6. wow shearing already… we still have a foot of snow!
    I loved the pictures of the rams, they really look great.

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