Shearing the last of the flock!

It was such a beautiful warm day today that I got a lot done outside. Lambing and kidding are imminent!  The spring-like weather also inspires some silliness which is what this post is!

Fraser looking so regal!

Fraser is our 6 year old Collie. People naturally think we have him to help with the sheep. He does have the constant desire to herd things into a circle but we never trained him to be with sheep, so he does not work for a living.

One of the drawbacks of a Collie is that they need constant brushing to prevent that coat from matting. Well, we ended up with one who cannot stand the feel of a brush on his skin. So he gets the alternative…a shearing! So today was a lovely warm day to strip our poor dog.

The procedure begins with Lynnie wielding the clippers.

The final look. Peaches admires how handsome Fraser is!

Mirror-Image Lionheads!


Taking a break halfway gives us a lion head.

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5 Responses to Shearing the last of the flock!

  1. Stan says:

    He looks good short like that…..

  2. Dan says:

    Peaches looks like she is hoping she isn’t next.

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    Oh, the poor puppy!

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